Sunday, October 20, 2019

Intentions Trump Reality Dept.

     [What follows is a guest post by longtime reader and friend Pascal. In speaking of a new, exceedingly menacing state law in California, he describes personal experiences with the breed that once called itself “liberal,” in defiance of all dictionaries, how they either miss or ignore the consequences of their actions, and how communication with such persons has continued to deteriorate to the present day. – FWP.]

     Right Scoop has discovered a very important story:

     BUT what’s even better is that the journalists are completely ignoring that OTHER freelancers [like Uber drivers] don’t want their industries taken over by the government. They don’t give a damn that this will hurt OTHER people, they just care that it’ll hurt them! LOL! Amaaazing. [sic]

     He is right. The “liberals” are so committed to elevating the significance of their good intentions — no matter how many times it gives bad people more power to do bad things — that they just insist on denying the consequences of any of their blindsidednesses.

     I suffer witnessing this first hand, time and time again.

     I grew up in a middle class community of NYC. Everyone in my family recognized the potential conservative in me. My parents identified with the Democrat Party at a time when it might still be called liberal in some sense close to the classical sense — something now long gone.

     Later, after I moved far away at 18, all my younger siblings became Democrats, and today they remain so even as it has strained our relationship — I believe due a great deal because of peer pressure. Worse, that peer pressure extends to them needing to believe all corporate media BS. Years ago one or the other would confess to me they’d tell their friends: “My brother is conservative but he’s different.” It is my guess that now they are fearful of ever saying that again, and maybe dare not even think it.

     The Left (and I include the GOPe in that label, but they cloak it except in one-on-one interchanges with principled conservatives) have worked hard to inculcate in ‘liberals’ the conceit that their “good intentions” is the essentially what distinguishes them from conservatives. Principled conservatives know that is BS. The Don’t-rock-the-boat conservatives don’t mind at all until the repercussions of that lie rock their boat.

     So here is what I believe is a fine analogy of what the free-lance useful idiot journalists are experiencing as revealed in this story.

     The drive to pass a law that attacked Uber and Lyft et alii was a stone cast into California’s economic swimming pool. Ramifications: the stone hit the water set in motion waves that radiated out intending to capsize the targeted free-lancers. And the free-lance journalists sat in the middle of the pool watching the threatening waves headed for their targets.

     The waves hit the edges of the pool and sent back reactionary waves headed for the middle of the pool where the free-lance journalists were situated. They were too stupid (they are useful idiots, remember?) to anticipate the repercussions of the wave set in motion by the stone they cheered for!

     For people whose livelihoods are significantly dependent upon their command of language, their not knowing the distinction between ramifications and repercussions, nor foreseeing the latter is incompetent at best. Among such as them, the basic Newtonian 3rd law — for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction — is far too complex for their weak minds to encompass.

     At this point in our societal decline, a post such as this one seems almost in vain. I pray there remains a way to awaken conceited liberals that the Left that has them in its clutches is not anyone’s friend. However I know from personal close experience how damn hard it is to get one to listen long enough — that is not quickly becoming defensive and deaf — to absorb the message. Personally it is only love that keeps the doors somewhat open.

     God help me.


Pascal said...

Thank you Fran. I may take a hint from your abstract here and do that at the top of all my posts.

Linda Fox said...

I can understand the viewpoint of the drivers - it SEEMS like they will be able to earn more in a shorter time. Unions always SEEM like a good idea for workers.

However, if you asked those same drivers:
- would you pay 4 times as much for your phone, rent, or groceries?
The answer would likely be "Hell, no!"

Those same drivers should reflect on the reality that the above items are all considered necessities in today's world. How much extra would riders be willing to pay for NON-essential services? They do have alternatives, however distasteful, and would likely employ them, rather than pay the higher price.

I'm ballparking that 4X figure, as it would reflect likely price increases that the companies would pass onto the consumers, should they be forced to pay their workers more.