Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Getting REAL

UPDATE: I put a shareable copy on my drive - feel free to spread the word. It says South Carolina, but the rules for documents are the same for all states, I believe.

REAL ID, that is.

I woke early, and was bored, so I started looking around for information about what documents could be used to get a REAL ID.

Here is a handy, printable one-page document that guides you through that task. Note that the requirements are not that strict, so next time you get a sob story about how this task is unacceptable for low-income or minority peeps, you can respond appropriately.

Yeah, it's like that.

You're welcome.


Brian E. said...

The link for the required documentation doesn’t work - it’s a local link, not to a document available to be served up. Feel free not to post this - I just wanted to let someone know that the link didn’t work.

HoundOfDoom said...

Linky no workee

Jim in Alaska said...

I do have a problem with needing a real ID for anything except to vote.

I grew up in, an spent most of my life in, a world where the only thing you needed to open a bank account was your signature and the only thing you needed to travel or fly was money.

Linda Fox said...

Got it - thanks for checking. I'll try uploading a shared link instead.