Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Commitment To The Regime

In the greater scheme of things, this might seem a small matter:

Officials at the Missouri State Fair are apologizing after a rodeo clown this weekend donned an Obama mask and asked people if they want to see the president "run down by a bull."

Here’s more from AP:

The antics led the state's second highest-ranking official, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, to denounce the performance in a tweet Sunday. He said it was "disrespectful" to the president.

"We are better than this," the Republican tweeted.

State Fair officials said the show in Sedalia was "inappropriate" and "does not reflect the opinions or standards" of the fair. "We strive to be a family friendly event and regret that Saturday’s rodeo badly missed that mark," they said in a statement Sunday.

It wasn't clear if any action will be taken against the performers.

...that is, until you reflect upon the ancient phrase lese majeste and what it portends.

Only this past Friday, I wrote:

There is no longer a Constitutional fence around the actions of the federal government. There is no longer "a system of checks and balances." There is no longer an "opposition party." And there is no longer the slenderest reason to hope that the normal mechanisms of American politics -- elections; legislative operations; judicial review -- will, or can, alter the course the Regime is following.

We are being ruled by unabashed criminals, their intent and their deeds naked to the sunlight.

It's not the first time in human history, of course. The pattern is a familiar one:

  1. Men of evil intent get their hands on the levers of power.
  2. They work to eliminate all sources of opposition, actual and potential.
  3. To avert a popular uprising, they divide their subjects, setting some against the rest.
  4. Others of low motives, "inspired" by the successes of the rulers, become defenders of the regime, in the hope of leavings from the table.
  5. The tyrants cast off all pretense of circumspection or restraint and start erecting statues and monuments to themselves, while what opposition remains must either risk being targeted for elimination or "go underground."
  6. Insiders grow fat; those outside the circles of power grow thin.

We're watching step 4 at the moment.

There is no longer any reason to think that Constitutional or electoral processes will bring about a near-term correction. Most dishearteningly, the gradual concession to the Obamunist Regime by the Republican Old Guard has shifted the battle lines to inside the GOP, as the young Turks strive to displace the traitorous seniors. Perhaps age and guile don't always triumph over youth and energy, but with apologies to Ecclesiastes, that's the way to bet.

To put our hopes in a third party is to imagine that, after the decade or two it would take to nurture such a force to strength, elections would still be sufficiently honest for the new party to win them...and that the Regime would respect the results. Given the Regime's demonstrated lack of scruple and the forces now available to it, that seems less than likely.

What other possibilities remain?

Grandmaster Savielly Tartakover, when asked by a fan how he approached the management of a seemingly static position, smiled and said that he would merely wait for his opponent to "get an idea." There's a lot of insight in that remark. The application to politics is relatively plain.

At this point, the Regime's major vulnerability is the growing conviction among its masters that victory is theirs. The sense of triumph can lead to enormous blunders. The Regime has already sidled close to "the line" a step over which cannot be retracted. If the Obamunists permit the approach of victory to elicit their full arrogance, they might yet commit a fatal mistake: a usurpation sufficiently unabashed and sufficiently presumptuous to trigger a Second American Revolution.

That's not a pretty prospect. Many lives would be lost. Nor could the outcome be predicted with confidence. But there yet remains hope of a middle course: an Obamunist blunder that's sufficiently outrageous to galvanize political opposition sufficient for victory, without bloodshed.

Obama almost committed such a blunder when he orated in public about taking executive action against Americans' right to keep and bear arms. The ground isn't yet ready for that. Perhaps his handlers had a better sense for the situation than he, and warned him off before he could commit himself.

If we survey the nation, noting the offenses against Americans' First, Third, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, the Regime's dismissive treatment of the executive's duty to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed," its assiduous cultivation of an ever-growing population of dependents, and its unceasing stream of self-exculpating propaganda -- does anyone remember the name Nakoula Basseley Nakoula? -- and gauge the degree of public outrage they've evoked, can we honestly say that there are many other such potential blunders?

Americans who still hope to restore Constitutional restraints on government without a bloody revolution have few avenues of attack left to explore. Now that the Republican Party has been neutralized as a significant opposition force, the job can no longer be relegated to electoral mechanics. Private persons, including many who are nominally disengaged from politics, must take the lead.

There's precedent for that, too; consider the Battle of Athens. But it won't come easily or cheaply. And there's a centuries-old warning to be heeded, addressed to men of all eras who dare undertake such tasks:

"So you plan to shoot at the King? A word of advice: Don't miss."



Adrienne said...

The rodeo clown has been banned for life from every performing at the fair. I find that outrageous.

Anonymous said...

"a word of advice":

Use enough gun.

Anonymous said...

I think he deserves a medal and the Lt. Gov. deserves to be impeached.

Anonymous said...

I think de Tocqueville already predicted that there would be no electoral escape from the societal hole this nation has dug itself into. The parasite class now makes up more than half of the electorate, guaranteeing that the redistributionists have permanent victory. There is no sufficiently large Obamablunder which can be committed which will cause the scales to fall from the eyes of government dependents.
We must each organize local defensive communities which can band together as the pioneers once did to protect each other. We will need these once a sufficiently large Obamablunder is committed, such as gun confiscation. That will cause a counter-reaction on the part of government to the peoples' armed resistance. Then it's game on.
The key to defeating the federal monster lies in its direct opposite: extreme localism. Local communities or tribes can survive the coming chaos, while individuals and federal sycophants will not.
The poison of socialism must be vomited up from the American body politic. It is the only way to clear this evil but this kind of retching will be a wrenching trial for us all.

Parmacetti said...

"But there yet remains hope of a middle course: an Obamunist blunder that's sufficiently outrageous to galvanize political opposition sufficient for victory, without bloodshed."

I'm not optimistic. Any such blunder will be minimized, or not reported, by the 'traditional' media. There's no way to generate a sense of national outrage. It occurs to me that we would stand a better chance if for some reason television propagandists were afraid to, uh, propagandize.

Of course, if the blunder were something like dismissing Congress or declaring martial law, there's no covering that up - but now we're past the time for political response and into the other thing.

Anonymous said...

I think the opportunity for dramatic change is very near. Recall that the financial crisis of 2008 was essentially sparked by too much debt. The solution for the crisis, conceived by the geniuses of the ruling class, was even more debt - substantially more debt - unaccompanied by growth. I say there is no growth because it is easy to manipulate real GDP reporting, and the easiest way is to understate inflation. That's been going on for years now.

So nothing has really changed, except for more debt, manipulated markets, money printing, and continued government deficits.

The next banking crisis will not be salvageable. Financial collapse, followed by commercial, social, and political collapse will bring about the opportunity to set things right. Politically, that would mean wiping out the Dems and the GOP, and replacing them with independents, or new parties - the more the better.

If the old political guard refuses to relinquish their power, despite the democratic process, then I guess that leaves only one recourse, if you wish to keep your freedom. It won't be easy, however, because, since 9/11, they have been busy making lots of preparations for this very event.

Anonymous said...

The rodeo clown has been banned for life and the three teens who seriously beat the boy on the bus get 9 months probation.

Xealot said...

You're absolutely right about the battle shifting to WITHIN the Republican party. The opposition isn't even a whole party anymore, it's a faction inside of a party. I hadn't really thought of it in those specific terms, however. Thanks for that insight.

That does not bode well for the future of this country -- or Western civilization in general.

I'm guessing step five comes after the next election. Vox seems to think we only have a few more decades before the whole thing comes apart.

Anonymous said...

I was talking with a friend tonight here in Young County, Texas. He is a Professional Photographer. He shoots junior rodeos, youth rodeos and adult rodeos / cutting horse shows and the like. He was the first of the two of us to bring up the subject of the Rodeo Clown at the Missouri State Fair. He observed that that kid's career as a rodeo clown is over, and he is still a really young guy. Whitty said he has seen the same Rodeo Clown act before. He remembers when the Rodeo Clown act used a Richard Nixon mask, when the act used a Bill Clinton Mask, and when the act used a George W. Bush mask. In all of those years and all of those 1,000's of performances across the country, NO ONE raised one complaint about the use of any of those masks. This Rodeo Cowboy doesn't need any sensitivity-training. HIS critics need DE-SENSITIVITY training, to get rid of their thin skins, chips on their shoulders and fascist thinking in their brain boxes.

furball said...

One of the things the internet fosters - just because "everyone" is there - is that things are solveable.

There *can be* Social Justice because now we all have a voice.

It's the democratic version of "Girls Gone Wild." Call it, "Democracy Gone Wild." We're all here, we all have a say, so of COURSE we can make everything better.

If you've been brought up to believe in Social Justice rather than history, human nature and the rights of Man, then the *new* nature of social media, MSNBC and popular will is going to appeal to you.

You will have NO idea of the fascist intent of many people. You will have no regard for history.

'Twas ever thus. Children want to believe it. The fantasy is that we should let children have their way and maybe then it will become so.

Point out to children that the world [people] don't work that way and you get one of two results:

1) An ongoing fantasy, where everyone hopes things get better;

2) The United States of America, circa 1787, where some pretty well informed guys TOLD you that you cannot trust government.

In 3 or 4 THOUSAND years of history, the United States has done a very credible job.

That's enough for me.

Anonymous said...

I dare say we are at least partly into step 5. High schools all over country are being renamed to honor "civil rights leaders". New monuments to MLK and Rosa Parks have been built. Down South they are forcing parks and government building to be renamed because they are currently named after Confederate leaders.

These guys are idiots. Dangerous idiots, but still idiots. A recent poll says 1/3 of the population thinks an armed uprising may be necessary in the near future. I think that says it all.