Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Once In A Great While...

...the enemy will let the mask slip and call something by its right name: in this case, himself:

Washington insiders Doug Schoen, John LeBoutillier, and Pat Caddell, talk inside baseball every Sunday on Fox News’ “Political Insiders” with Gregg Jarrett

This week, the Insiders tackled the Ted Cruz/Mike Lee plan to defund Obamacare. All three of the insiders agreed that if the Republican party adopts Ted Cruz’s plan, they will have gone from the “Stupid Party” to the “Suicide Party”....

The Insiders also took an incredibly dim view of impeachment, Pat Caddell calling it not only self destructive, but “mental self abuse by people on the right….”

Moving on to Syria…. Hey, did you know that the gas attack in Syria happened on the one year anniversary of Obama’s “Red Line” ultimatum, “which he then didn’t enforce”.

By the standards of realpolitik, the “Insiders” went zero-for-three in the above. But there’s something else to consider: the name of the show itself.

What do I mean by that? Why, the same thing as this gentleman meant:

Robert Welch understood Public Choice-style decision making long before James Buchanan and Gordon Tullock won the Nobel Prize in Economics for it.

Yes, there are “Insiders,” determined to protect their privileges and perquisites from those of us desperate for a return to Constitutional government. Some of those “Insiders” are very, very rich; others are hirelings with far smaller rice bowls to protect. It doesn’t matter. The dynamic operates on great and small alike. He who has a personal stake in protecting The Regime will do so, barring the possession of an unusually (for today) acute and unrelenting conscience – and how many persons manage to get “Inside” in possession of one of those?

These days, the John Birch Society, which stands foursquare for Constitutional government and Judeo-Christian values in public life, is among the most slandered organizations in America. That’s one of the principal reasons I joined: I considered the source.

Have you considered the source, Gentle Reader?


furball said...

I graduated from high school in 1968. I was a good student, but I didn't learn any more about current events than what was taught or what was on the front page of the newspaper.

While I didn't think the John Birch Society was a bunch of right-wing loons, all I knew about them was they wanted out of the U.N.; and I just *knew* that was wrong. I just *knew* the U.N. was noble and our best hope for peace and progress in relations between nations.

Likewise, I *knew* that McCarthy had gone overboard, probably a lot overboard.

With the internet, I've been able to disabuse myself of such "knowledge." But most of my political/economic use of the internet has only occurred since I lost my job in 2002. Had there been a world wide web when I was in high school I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have used it to self-research politics or economics.

Watching the Robert Welch video, I realize I agree with every point he makes. (Well, almost. I've heard credible theories that a gold standard may not be the best solution.)

And we know now that McCarthy was mostly right, and a lot of what he now takes heat for is for Congressional actions that post-date his original investigations.

From this I reach two conclusions:

1) Even by the '60s the "meme" was tilting left of center. We gotta take back education.

2) Even with the internet, a disturbing number of adults remain politically and economically uninformed or misinformed. Not surprising with 24/7 polemics and spin from MSNBC, MoveOn, etc.

Fran always says things so much better than I ever could. I just thought it was time to show him a little support with a personal observation.

Thanks, Fran!

Anonymous said...

If we do not stop and/or reverse Obamacare we will destroy the best healthcare system in the world. I can't help thinking that was the Democrats intent all along.

Obama has 3 years and 5 months left to do this country irreparable harm. He continues down that path with his subversive and communist appointees and his disregard for the law and the constitution. If we don't impeach him we may never recover. Of course I know there are no politicians left or right who would put the country ahead of their career and their party so we won't impeach him.

By the way I thought of a incredibly simple way to sabotage Obamacare. It could be done with an attachment to a bill that must be passed. Simply make Obamacare optional and require funding to be borne by those who opt into it.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

I bought a copy of the Birch Society "Blue Book" in 1962 while majoring in poli sci/history at Cal State Long Beach. I read it cover to cover. Welch's positions were 180 degrees opposed to the bullshit I was "learning" in classes. It was 10 years later that the mean streets of Los Angeles began to open my eyes.
Memo to self: Never send your children to the government to be indoctrinated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that clip, I hadn't seen it before. But I did check into the John Birch Society, and liked what I found there. It wasn't what I was expecting.

So I joined them, back in 2003 I think it was.

But now it's probably time to renew my membership!