Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's On

Here's the evidence. Read it.
Here's a little more. Read that too.
Here's a lot more. Read it all.

Weep or not, as you prefer. For myself, I'm done with tears. And I'm too much of a realist to deny objective evidence and its implications.

In either case, the question becomes: What now?

If you use your senses routinely and are willing to credit what they tell you, Col. Bunny's citation of Vox Day below didn't tell you anything you don't already know. But then, neither did Robert S. Oculus. Neither did Paul Kersey. Neither did the badly maligned and maltreated John Derbyshire.

These gentlemen have been reviled so brutally as to make me wonder whether I'm being a fool for not concealing my identity and location. Yet what have they done, other than present verifiable facts and talk about their obvious implications?

Those implications weren't "politically correct." That's where the trouble arises. White Americans have been steeped in something its boosters call "multiculturalism" and the great Mark Steyn called "societal Stockholm Syndrome." I leave it to you to decide which of the above labels better describes the condition.

When it comes to the violence, the brutality, and the all too evident hostility toward whites that blacks have manifested these past few decades, we have been bludgeoned into accepting all sorts of excuses -- excuses that would never pass muster if applied to some other demographic cohort. The typical white American is internally so inhibited against looking plainly and speaking fearlessly about black-on-white violence that were he to be forced to do so, it might cause him a stroke.

Hot Flash To The Perpetually Somnolent: Blacks don't suffer the same inhibitions. Their mouthpieces speak openly of hatred for whites. They do all they can to whip up black hatred of whites among their fellows. If they grasp the inevitable consequences of such rhetoric, either it doesn't concern them or they expect to be safely and cozily dead before those consequences get here.

But we live in a universe with laws beyond Man's power to break. The deliberate evocation of racial hatred has put a train of events in motion that can have only one outcome -- and it would appear from the most recent events that that outcome is no longer a distant possibility the bien-pensants can pooh-pooh as a chimera over canap├ęs and white wine.

That race war I've been wringing my hands about? It's on.

At the base of the problem, as is always the case when we confront a violent social division, is politics.

When I wrote this short story and this exegesis upon it, I was of course focused on international relations: the techniques by which fractious, quarrelsome nation-states jockey with one another for prestige and other advantages. However, the approach can be applied equally effectively to relations between the races. The same analysis yields the same insight into underlying principles...and the same conclusions about what must be done.

Briefly and bluntly, when two identifiable groups disagree on fundamental moral principles, they must be rigidly separated from one another to avert bloodshed. If they aren't rigidly separated, bloodshed will ensue. That's what it means to differ on fundamental moral principles. "Morally different" is merely a circumlocution for evil.

Just in case any of this isn't utterly pellucid, the fundamental moral principles at issue here are the following:

Aggressive violence toward peaceable others is evil.
He who shields a violent aggressor from his just deserts is an accessory to the crime.

Yet the thrust of all race-centered politics these past fifty years has been to soften the hand of Justice toward black lawbreakers, at least in comparison to the treatment meted out to whites convicted of comparable crimes. Moreover, blacks generally have displayed a powerful tendency to shield black lawbreakers, whether by denying their guilt or by demanding special accommodations for them that a white criminal would not receive. Blacks' coherence as a voting bloc in supporting left-liberal politicians and their favored policies has put a huge impetus behind this two-tiered approach to penal justice.

You've heard all the excuses. "The legacy of slavery." "Pervasive discrimination." "Structural racism." "Unequal opportunity." "Capitalist oppression." There have been others, but those are the most frequently cited.

The excuses wouldn't matter even if they were both accurate and apposite. Take any vicious crime: a murder, a rape, a violent mugging, what have you. Conceal all details of race, both of the perpetrator and of his victim, from some passerby and ask him what should happen to the miscreant. Once you have his response, ask whether his opinion would change if the perp were black and the victim were white.

If the passerby is white, he'll be made visibly uncomfortable by the suggestion. If he's black, be ready for anything. An angry retort is virtually guaranteed. Violence is possible.

In a way, it's natural. When we sense that Smith is "one of us," and is under assault by "the other," our impulse is to protect him. But that natural impulse is obviously an impediment to attempts at racial integration...and it's been amplified by the anti-white rhetoric of black racialist hucksters for just as long.

The past fifty years' sallies at racial integration, at equalizing the legal and political positions of black and white Americans, and at dealing with the "residual" tensions as the two races approached "equality" have struggled against that impulse. So far, the impulse, which is equally the driver for all trends toward racial segregation, has had the upper hand.

When I wrote:

[D]espite everything, the great majority of American blacks are devout Christians who strive with all their might and main to live according to their faith. If you're a white Christian, used to the tenor of the religious services that white Christians normally attend, you'd be blown away by the fervor of a service at a Southern Baptist or Church of God in Christ meeting. There's no hypocrisy there: these folks are passionate Christians who really mean it, in all particulars.

How much greater an injustice could we do than to group these good and gentle people with the thugs who exploit black class privileges to the hilt, cynically and ruthlessly, to the detriment of all of American society?

...I meant it sincerely. I work with several such persons, and they have my respect...right up to the point where they declaim about "the legacy of slavery," "pervasive discrimination," "structural racism," and so forth. Given the hazards to which an American -- a white American -- in corporate employment is exposed if he dares to make an objective statement about race relations, I've managed to avoid expressing my own opinions. But I can't help asking: If intelligent blacks working in a demanding field can't escape the racialist corral erected by the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, the Jeremiah Wrights, and similar villains, what hope is there for anyone else?

Which is why I ask: What now?

I'm a child of the Civil Rights Era. I've yearned for the day when Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" vision would become the unquestioned reality of our nation. It has not arrived. If anything, it's receded further from reality with every passing year.

Intelligent people who would never act so foolishly in any other venue have collaborated in the suppression of information about black-on-white violence, black cultural pathologies, and blacks' hatred of whites. I have a special animus for "journalists" who have done so; their betrayal of their occupational responsibilities played a large part in bringing us to where we stand today.

The race war is on.
Recent black attacks on whites are the opening skirmishes.
If more and worse violence can be avoided by "negotiations," the time for the effort is now.
I don't plan to leave myself defenseless if they should fail.
What about you, Gentle Reader?



YIH said...

An even more pertinent Vox Day post occurred yesterday: Vet killed by Vibrant America. 'Vibrant' as in 'black':
''It increasingly appears as if the two choices facing America are peaceful segregation or ethnic violence and civil war. Contra the expectations of the multicultis and the anti-racists, the vibrant community is becoming less civilized as they become more numerous. The civil rights vision has failed and appeasement clearly works no better with vibrants than it did with Nazis.''
We are all aware of what became of Detroit, I recently came across a video of what happened to Detroit on a small scale: Every landlord’s worst nightmare.
The guy had obviously did a complete restoration on an older home - then rented it out to Section 8.
Though not stated, very likely blacks - and the place was utterly destroyed.
With extremely rare exceptions wherever on Earth they happen to be, blacks do nothing but destroy. The time for any form of 'reconciliation' is past, it is now impossible.
You've likely heard the phrase ''(s)he has the mental age of an X-year old'' where X is a single digit to refer to someone with Down's syndrome, and in most cases the law considers them children regardless of age (example: sex with a 20-year old with Down's syndrome is generally considered statutory rape).
I've come to the belief that with rare exceptions, blacks literally are 'permanent children' simply unable to function as adults regardless of age and it does them (and Whites) a disservice to treat them otherwise.

Anonymous said...

That's a great article! I think "it's on" too.

Ronbo said...

Well said!

The coming race war will very likely expand into a Second U.S. Civil War, which I think was planned years ago by Obama and associates, as the Regime needs martial law and mass repression to put in place their Fourth Reich Utopia.

The upside is that he who starts a forest fire is often burned to cinders when the wind changes.

SiGraybeard said...

There is only one alternative view that seems possible: that it's not necessarily a race war, but a cultural war which has an extremely strong racial component. The culture starting the war is the feral gang/gangsta culture. Just as there are what we used to call "poor white trash", there are feral white kids raised without an ethical system. Lily white kids who grew up in the multi-culti "paradises" where gangs dominate, emulating the rappers because they're famous. One of them apparently was involved in shooting the Australian baseball player. The socialist whites who preach this stuff may not shoot, but they figuratively hand the gun and ammo to the killers.

We both know blacks who are accomplished professionals with sterling ethical systems who would no more go kill anyone than you or I. They shouldn't be collateral damage. Going by race not only fails to clean up the problem with the white gangsta element, it kills good people. We need missionaries to heal the culture.

It's going to be a level of ugly the world has never seen.

Joseph said...

Hmmm... Maybe the crime decline of the past decade and a half was due to the immigration that diluted our home-grown thugs.

10mm AUTO said...

One problem with negotiations is that we are negotiating from a position of weakness, which the negro and the Hispanic sense. Whites will not be safe till negros FEAR to touch a White, but we are at the opposite end of the spectrum from that day. Negros hunt us (Polar Bear Hunting, Beat Whitey Night) torture and murder in vomitus ways our children ( ). Our response has been fury, but restrained. This has been interpreted as weakness, even cowardice. I don't see any "talks" working till their is a Continent between us, or at least a border.

They HUNT us.

Anonymous said...

Greybeard put it quite nicely and 10MM AUTO gave us the nightmare picture. I have recently been involved in this debate with WN over at WRSA. My anger at the situation got in my way of making good arguements but I fear the picture that 10mm AUTO paints. History tells us that when white culture gets angry it takes killing to an industrial level. In the south we live the results of losing that kind of conflict. We are constantly reminded of how we are "inbred racist rednecks" our culture is beaten down and our loss became that of the entire nation as the federal government assumed its current place of tyrant. If we go down this path again it will be bloody and disgusting and it will be a distraction from our actual enemy. We will become the evil villians once again and when we are beaten there will be no more hope for freedom and liberty. This is what they want to happen!


Yank lll said...

13% with about 4-5 % actively engaging in violent activity..
Sounds like a race to extinction just to prove loyalty to someone who doesnt give a crap about his own people.

Who will protect the instigators when their target audience of manipulation figure out they been lied to and set up as pawns

Who cares.

Yank lll

Oldfart said...

Our local fishwrap had a front-page story about this problem this morning.

It's gonna get nasty.