Sunday, August 25, 2013

Irrationality unleashed.

Whatever happened at the end of the Cold War, it was not the defeat of socialism; for a new anti-capitalist formation predicated on environmentalism was already taking shape. Even as the hammer and sickle came down over the Kremlin, the spotted owl was becoming the battle cry of those who were seeking to smash capitalism and market freedom in the Great Northwest. . . .

It cannot be an accident that Earth Day was first celebrated on the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s birth. . . .

In practical terms, socialism signifies government intervention in the economy [link omitted], and typically signifies financial decline. There are many technical reasons for the failures of socialism, and these are covered in Mises’s book, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis. Therein he wrote the following passage: “[That] since socialist society is not a [practical] possibility every step towards it must harm society.” Mises calls socialism a “destructionist policy” . . . . According to Mises, ". . . Socialism . . . works on the emotions, tries to violate logical considerations by rousing a sense of personal interest and to stifle the voice of reason by awakening primitive instincts.”

Those who seek liberation through the overthrow of capitalism are, in fact, revolting against freedom and prosperity. William Graham Sumner wisely noted, more than 100 years ago, “Modern civilization is built upon machines and natural agents, brought into play . . . through capital. Herein lies the true emancipation of men and the true abolition of slavery. . . .

Sanity and reason dictate that nearly everyone prefers the “comforts of high civilization” to barbarism. Therefore, only a madman would actively undermine the free market.[1]

Yet madmen rule the roost. As Mr. Nyquist says, "irrationality is becoming a power in and of itself."

This is surely the understatement of the decade. We spend ourselves into oblivion; import and subsidize foreigners by the millions; give away our precious citizenship like Mardi Gras titty beads; slobber over minorities; ignore massive black-on-white crime; weep when black rabble rousers cry out that "more must be done;" grovel before either the Chinese, Saudis or the Muslim Brotherhood; send our manufacturing capability to a communist dictatorship waging a currency war on us; wage war on coal and other fossil fuels; subsidize open-ended bastardy; implement a Dudley Do-Right foreign policy; and call Supreme Court subornation of the Constitution "constitutional law."

Our mystery-guest president announces and proceeds to effect the fundamental transformation of America and no one bats an eye. A screeching, rubber-burning, hi-rev, suspension-smashing exit from the interstate of centuries of custom and experience down the rock slide of socialist madness and cultural suicide? Why, what could be more reasonable?

[1] "When Rationality Breaks Down, So Does the Economy." By J.R. Nyquist, Financial Sense Online, 8/12/13.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Kevin McDonald's books and website (Occidental Observer) provide the backstory. Unfortunately, most are too cowardly to face reality, and name names.

YIH said...

If you want to know why just look how a so-called 'conservative' ('neocon') website is attacking Diana West over her most recent book that (with ample documentation) demonstrates the communist infiltration that the media attacked Sen. Joe McCarthy over (and still loves to invoke the name) was genuine.
A high-profile site started by, and is still being run by self-admitted commies who 'converted' (or so they claim) to neo-'conservatism'.
Considering that 'neocons' such as these often (and quite stridently) advocate:
Massive immigration (to all but one certain country).
Denunciations of 'racism'/'hate' (defined as such by groups like the SPLC)
Non-stop unwinnable 'wars' all over the world: Iraq being an excellent example, where the threat to America was more than a bit fictional.
Those reasons alone make me seriously doubt that such folks can reasonably be considered any form of 'allies'.

millerized said...

Find, buy and watch "Agenda, Grinding America Down".
Then look at the way things are moving, and the speed at which they are moving.
Then cry a bit. Let it out. Get angry that you, your parents, your grand parents...hell, probably some of your kids let it happen.
Then start killing people who deserve it.
We let it get too far, and the only way we'll ever get it back is to watch millions die on both sides of the line. What comes out the other end is directly related to the better body count...make those hits count.