Friday, January 17, 2014

American ineffectualism.

The greatest economic, political and societal collapse in recorded history is unfolding and has been doing so ever since the final denouement of partially sound money occurred at Bretton Woods II in August 1971 – thereby allowing governments, the financial systems and elites to substitute money printed out of thin air and politically correct/corrupt legislation for sound economic policies. This process has been unfolding for 40 years and is nearing its demise.
Is there a political leader, apart from, oh, Ron Paul, who expresses any kind of urgency on this point?

Is it accurate, even? It can't be that inaccurate if we know that

  • the U.S. is now just a market heavily dependent on Chinese manufacturing and our number one U.S. retailer is nothing but a marketing outlet for Chinese goods;
  • our president has disdain for the nation that elected him;
  • he seems more enamored of the Cloward-Piven strategy to generate economic collapse than of the basics of revitalizing the economy;
  • he makes war on coal and obstructs the Keystone XL Pipeline and oil exploration on public lands;
  • he and the Congress are oblivious to our having the highest corporate tax rate in the world, which drives business from our shores;
  • we have a $16T debt increasing horrifically even now plus massive unfunded liabilities for Medicare and Social Security;
  • we print money at an astronomical rate, punish saving, and reward debt;
  • we have a huge hostile, parasitic, rejectionist minority to whom we have naively handed powerful legal tools of extortion and solidifying unearned privilege;
  • we have police SWAT teams in full body armor responding to situations that Barney Fife could have handled with a chat on the front porch;
  • we have a news media establishment that pedals lies and fairy tales about our culture and the historical experience of people the world around;
  • we have wide open borders inviting self-immigrating, third-world foreigners to dine at our table gratis;
  • we cheapen our precious citizenship;
  • Supreme Court justices disdain the Constitution; and
  • we have massive unemployment that is resolutely denied by the federal government.
Inter bleeding alia.

Where are the voices of realism among the leadership? Do the MSM even honestly report the nature of our problems, let alone support voices offering solutions other than the "solutions" of the current health care catastrophe, class warfare, and crony capitalism, if not outright socialist revolution?

We're not even a nation any longer, just "a cool place to work," as a writer in Chronicles put it years ago. To the extent that we still exhibit vestigial characteristics of a vibrant, functioning nation, we simply are failing to deal with the problem of fiscal profligacy and a failed civil rights movement. Fiscal and social chaos is upon us but the nation's chief executive frets over "inequality," the policies of the president of Syria, and the arms requirements of his bestial al Qaida opponents.

Not that events in Syria aren't of compelling interest to the people of Oklahoma. Don't hang that absurdity on me.

What we see before us today is the highest and best expression of our national political life. That's essentially the epiphany that some alcoholics in AA meetings recount after detailing the minute details of the utter collapse of their family, their mental health, and their careers: to wit, "And my best thinking got me there."

Well, our "best" thinking got us where we are today, along with weakness, craven cowardice, and intellectual and moral failure that surely make our ancestors hang their heads in shame.

Lincoln thought that God might require that the sword would exact retribution for every drop of blood from the overseer's lash. Well, we'll soon see in our own time what mental flabbiness, worship of unbridled government by the most educated, ignorance of history and human nature, waging class warfare, and disdain for economic fundamentals exact.

"2014 Outlook: Pandora's Box." By tedbits, Zero Hedge, 1/17/14.


Spartacusz said...

You continue to illuminate truths of our national condition. Kudos and encouragement are due. I fear that far too few will "see the light", but I thank you for efforts. There is a storm brewing and the signs and portents are ominous for all, as noone will be untouched.

Col. B. Bunny said...

You are most kind and I am grateful for your comment.

I despair when I see that the totalitarian slaughter of the last century has made no impression on my friends and associates, or on society at large. None in that group hesitates to give power to politicians and bureaucrats.

I see subversion of the rule of law acquiesced in and celebrated by lawyers. I also see major parts of many, many American cities turned into sullen, crime-ridden pits. Stalingrad without the artillery and aerial bombardment. These count for nothing when some precious personal extreme leftist cause must be advanced or protected. A dear personal friend personally encountered police corruption but will not apply his skepticism v-a-v the police to other aspects of government. If direct, personal experience like that doesn't shift your world view, what will?

The belief that tomorrow will always be like today is endemic, as is the sappy belief that evil stems from poverty and lives in the uniquely malevolent hearts of whites.

King Canute knew his limitations but not so leftists. Do read a forthcoming post of mine here on "The Age of Dummies." It's just a quote from an American Thinker article but it's a hummer. I have no idea what anything I do does to counter the kind of stupidity described in that article. About all we bloggers can do these days is just say, "Here comes that avalanche you couldn't conceive of."

Stephen said...

It's ironic now in retrospect but America's Achilles heel seems to be the concept of US exceptionalism. It was a helpful concept during tough times, it motivated Americans to step up and do extraordinary things. It's a very necessary concept that many nations embrace in one form or another in times of national peril and greatness. But then in periods of decline it feeds into a normalcy bias, that decline and collapse are for other states, that such a fate can never overtake such a great nation and people.

It happened in Britain after its moment of greatness 'standing alone' in WW2 as the nation in the 1950's descended into extreme socialism. It happened in France after Napoleon. The notion of collapse for such states simply could not be conceptualized. The notion of American exceptionalism is the US version. The possibility of collapse goes against generations of conditioning.

I admit I'm surprised the USA is collapsing so swiftly. It's like a perfect storm of pressures affecting every sector of modern American life. It's not unprecedented, no, just very surprising. The majority in most nations simply cannot and will not see that what's happening in the USA is all too real.

Anonymous said...

13. The Two Fires Jan09, 2014
Words of Mary, Mother of

The fires are already lit. These are the fires of war, terrorism and destruction. All the world watches. The news comes daily of more deaths, suicide bombers and of civil wars. Those who could put out these fires have withdrawn. Those still on the scene are inadequate.
The result is inevitable. The fires will grow. The West says, “They are not in my backyard”. O foolish West, as if this fire could be contained. Does it belong to just one country or to one people? Does it have limited geographical boundaries? Who can even draw the boundaries of terrorism? It has struck many countries. All feel its presence.
You need another fire, the fire of peace that burns so brightly in my heart. Yes, the two fires are already lit but only the fire of evil has gone forth. My fire is still captive, unable to go forth in battle.
This is my promise. Even though my fire has not yet been released on the world stage, I will gladly place this fire in any heart that asks. So ask and ask and ask. Every request will be granted. My fire of love is lit and wants to pour out.
14. The 2014 Issues Jan10, 2014
As the bells ring out to announce a New Year, everything is not cleared away. It is not like turning to a new page. It is more like someone awakening in the morning. Soon, the good and the bad, the problems and the opportunities, come rushing back into consciousness.
I have already spoken partially of this year 2014, but I want to state clearly what lies ahead. First, terrorism will spread. No resisting force is present. The terrorists will be international. They will totally disregard national borders to create their own country, so to speak. There, they will operate free of any interference, focused totally on their goal of disrupting everything, of destabilizing governments and of throwing all into confusion, and even death.
Second, America will awaken, startled by the sharp discontinuity in its healthcare and wanting desperately to reverse the situation. But, it must awaken to much more. It must awaken to the moral evils in its midst, especially to the killing of the unborn. I say this again and again, as long as a woman, her husband, her boyfriend, her doctor are given by America, the right to kill the unborn child, then I must withhold my full blessings.
Those who seek public office are the most responsible. They cannot use the healthcare reform as a political tool and not stand fully with the unborn. I warn every politician. Do not cut off the rights of the unborn or I will cut you off from my blessings. I will reject you and raise up another. You are forewarned.
Third, I must speak of the Church and of Pope Francis. I rejoice that he is acclaimed and the papacy is seen by the world in a good light. Yes, let the Church remove whatever draws it away from simplicity. Yes, let the Church reach out, evangelize and be close to the disadvantaged. I want to draw all humanity to my motherly embrace.
However, the biggest problems do not lie within the Church but in the growing power of the kingdom of darkness. This is not a usual time in history. This is the culmination of two centuries. Satan has regrouped from his defeat at the cross and the surprise victory of Jesus at the tomb. The Holy Father must realize this.
Who can destroy this darkness? Who can avoid the disasters which inevitably lie ahead? The heavenly Father has placed this power in my Immaculate Heart and, Holy Father, only you can release that power by deciding to consecrate Russia, in union with all the bishops, to my Immaculate Heart.
I have spoken plainly of the issues that will confront the world and the Church in 2014.

PatriotUSA said...

Read Savage Continent by Keith Lowe.

It is coming and they have been here for decades.

I loathe what America has become,

Remember who started the the KKK. IT is all connected.

Col. B. Bunny said...


I agree entirely with what you say but quibble only that the "exceptionalism" of which you speak is closer to "normalcy bias." To the extent that some use exceptionalism to signify a pumped up sense of our virtue as a people, I find it distasteful. Under stress, I think people everywhere draw closer than in normal times and see more clearly the things that unit them. I'd say heightened group identity rather than exceptionalism. The really exceptional thing was the founding of the country which sought to create a society free of tyranny. The Founders succeeded remarkably well and quite ordinary people commenced to do extraordinary things.

We, and I think Europeans, as well, became to accustomed to regularity, decency, and order and came to assume that tomorrow will always be like today, with an admixture of historical ignorance and a galactic sappiness potion ladled into their ears by extreme leftists trolls and childish, utopian academics.

The belief in the fairy tale of innate human decency has simply rendered Western man impotent when it comes to assessing any form of human threat. There is a positive aversion on top of that to seeing Islam, for example, as the savage, ignorant doctrine that it is. For a quick check on the reality of which I speak check out the Picture on the Week at Celebrate birth of Mohammed -- stick a meat skewer through your cheeks. Compare to Western celebration of birth of Jesus -- exchange gifts, contact friends, sing songs about peace on earth and goodwill to men.

One more point on exceptionalism and that as that as most commonly used, it seems to me to describe a condition of narcissism or a minor form of megalomania. I don't think this is how Americans think. Chants of "USA" at Olympic events are just part of the excitement of sports and team allegiance. I don't even see that the majority of Americans carry with them an accurate understanding of the Constitution. Most thus don't really understand what in fact made the nation exceptional in the history of man. Few show much interest in defending and extending that uniqueness even against domestic enemies and they sure as heck don't seem to care much about the foreign ones either, if the prattle about comprehensive immigration reform and the reality of a wide open border are any indication.

Great blog, btw.

Col. B. Bunny said...


There's much of value in what you post. Thank you.

If you were to write your personal views, what would you say?

Col. B. Bunny said...


Thanks for the heads up on Savage Continent. I have read parts of Other Losses which is mentioned in Hellstorm. The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 which looks at the same events. These all chronicle the horror of Europe after the war. I have another book that details how the Allies kept food from the Germans, IIRC, but I've not read that one yet and can't even bring to mind the title.

I simply could not bear to finish Operation Keelhaul. It was unbearable to read of the horrible betrayal on the part of Truman and Attlee, and perhaps even Churchill.

I too hate what America has become. SWAT teams in sheriffs' department, armored vehicles, hate crimes, and wuss bunnies and children who stretch to the horizon.

Great blogs, too.