Monday, January 27, 2014

The sappy, contemptible West.

The Strength-in-Diversity meme is based on the dispando ad absurdum principle -- expansion onto the absurd. Because a little diversity is good for you, a 58% majority of sub-90 IQ colonizers from 180 Third World countries is good for you too.[1]
Contemptible why? Because no border in any Western country is closed to aliens who choose of their own volition to cross it. The official, in-place, fully operative policy of every Western government (with possible slight deviation by Australia?) is to permit unlimited third-world immigration that will result in the racial and cultural extinguishment of their own peoples. And so hideous Islamic culture and law -- the antithesis of everything that the West tried to become -- are inevitable so long as Westerners act like jellyfish where their own legitimate rights are concerned.

Where are the Muslim Nobel prizes, Muslim symphonies, Muslim medical advances, Muslim novels, Muslim films, and Muslim art? What do gypsies have to offer any Western country? What do Nigerians, Jamaicans, and Mexicans have to offer that is of such value that we shower welfare inducements on them and hand out the gift of our precious citizenship like candy on Halloween? Why do we need drug-resistant TB, bedbugs, animal sacrifice, and

Just our own special way of saying, "@#$% you!"
contemptible superstitions? In the U.S., the A#1, official, approved, gold-plated answer -- tirelessly repeated by maroons and liars stretching to the horizon -- is that "We are a nation of immigrants."

And that is why -- notwithstanding the distortion in that statement -- we are hell bent on throwing that nation on the trash heap. If one immigrant is good, then, 1,000,000 new illegal aliens every year to suck up welfare, compete with American workers, and sustain vicious gangs are a blessing from God Himself. Only a tree-dwelling, grub-eating, flea-bitten, deviant, Tea Bagger, gun nut, fundamentalist spawn of Satan would dare say otherwise.

Now, for a reality check, go to China or Japan and tell the governments there that they have a duty to suffering mankind annually to admit 1,000,000 guizi or gaijin. If 1,000,000 would-be aliens set out from their home countries, that by itself establishes their moral right to go to whatever place in the world in which, in their sole discretion, it suits them to live. To wit, your country. They left. The right exists. Chinese and Japanese duty.

Tell that to the Chinese, say. Whatever else they are – corrupt commie bastards itching to take on the American military, for example -- they are not so dumb as to fall for that line of complete @#$$#%$*. But Westerners lap that up like it's free-range ambrosia.

You, the citizen, know that that idea's absurd but the U.S. government will tell you it makes perfect sense. That we are helpless when illegal aliens end up in our midst and that we have no option -- none! -- but to enact Comprehensive Amnesty Reform. And Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, John McCain, Jeb Bush, John Boehner, and Bob Goodlatte will positively wet their pants to be the first to tell you to your face.

[1] "The Bee and the Lamb (Part 1)." By Takuan Seiyo, New English Review, 11/11.


Wombat said...

I left this reply over at Crusader Rabbit's blog but I'll toss it in here too.

The problem is not immigration but welfare and kid gloves for dark-skin perps.

Motoko and Abdullah are not going to flock to a country where nobody knows or likes them IF they have to work hard and play nice. Tens of thousands of immigrants have made an honourable life here (Australia, another "country of immigrants") and contributed a great deal to our society. Two of my four grandparents are testament to that. It’s only after the welfare went big and justice went small that we started getting the dregs of the world literally washing up on our shores.

I have had case workers tell me that many "asylum seekers" who have been granted citizenship have every intention of moving back to their nation of origin as soon as they make enough money to live the good life back in Shariastan. They get a heap of welfare, including housing, medical and education, and they work off the books, often totalling a net income of between 100k and 200k a year.

In response to your question regarding Australian policies, our version of the Republicans (The Liberals) are not quite as dead in the water as yours, so we get the better part of a decade of picking the cream of the immigration crop and then the better part of a decade of open slather "get in a leaky boat and hope for the best" immigration courtesy of our version of the Democrats (the Labour Party).

As in all aspects of the decline of western civilisation we are roughly ten to twenty years behind the U.S. and the U.K.
On immigration, we have something of a geographic advantage. :)

Thankfully local heads are starting to turn in the direction of the European shariah ghettos and much of our population is beginning to sniff the wind.

So in summary, immigration (IMHO) is no big deal when the expectation is that you're going to work for your food and obey the law OR ELSE (including immigration laws). You might well note that the trouble started when those two pillars of society began to crumble. Not when the likes of Ayn Rand and Subranhmanyan Chandrasekhar arrived...

Anonymous said...

Ask any legal immigrant what he thinks of illegals. Our government is completely corrupt and the criminals who cross our border do so not for opportunity but for handouts. For everyone that says we can't track down illegals I say offer a $5,000 reward and the country will be rid of them within a year.

Far cheaper than generations of welfare.

the woodsman said...

"..... permit unlimited third-world immigration that will result in the racial and cultural extinguishment of their own peoples."

It's called White genocide. It is planned and is quite deliberate. It is forced upon ALL White countries and ONLY White countries. The current "elite" are nothing but a bunch of anti-White ghouls.

Wombat said...

They're not "anti-white" precisely. They merely need to extinguish the lives of those who have tasted freedom and who might be compelled to fight for it.

Two billion Chinese seem comfortable enough with tyranny. Whether it's genetic or not is of no consequence. Nations of slaves are of more use to tyrants than nations with a history of rebellion, even if that history has become a fading relic.

KG said...

Woodsman, it's forced on white countries because they're practically the only ones which have built decent societies and become wealthy as a result. And therefore worth pillaging.
That the effect is to destroy white middle-class society is a bonus for the self-loathing white haters and multinational corporate gangsters.

Joseph P. Martino said...

Regarding the "we are a nation of immigrants" line. With the possible exception of East Africa, where the human race presumably originated, every nation is a "nation of immigrants." Neither Frenchmen, nor Japanese, nor Eskimos, grew up out of the ground. Every nation is peopled by people whose ancestors came from somewhere else. Possibly a long time ago, but still from somewhere else. Regardless of how we got here, we have a right to preserve the culture our ancestors built. We don't have to put up with it being overrun by another crew of immigrants.