Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Old Favorite Has Delegated His Blogging Duties a fictional character -- but the result is eminently worthy:

Liberals: Assume I'm Right and You're Wrong...


Now, this is not going to be an effort-free exercise. You’re going to have to put forth your hand, stretch your mind, and, see things from my perspective — i.e., the truth. Are you willing and able to even see the truth? Trust me on this: the Left has tried mightily to blind you to the truth since Left first became Left. That is to say, your entire system of beliefs is founded on a lie. In ignorance. On false premises.

It’s going to mean you must research the facts of your position and be ready to accept the truth. No hedging. No persiflage. No prevarication. No “greater truth.” (If you are urged to accept the greater ANYthing, you are, in essence, being asked to support a moral lapse in favor of an illusion. The so-called Greater Good subsumes a supposedly “Lesser” evil. But evil is a binary condition — something is or is not. There can be no shades of gray. And the claim that they exist is an attempt to blind you to the moral reality. The very notion of shades of gray in moral terms is a lie. It is evil. Not lesser: period. Plain old-fashioned evil.

No. A so-called “greater” good — an infringement against rights, for example, for the benefit of a majority (the “greater” part of this equivocation) — always subsumes a greater evil. No doubt, the Nazis would claim that the Holocaust was for the greater good. And, Godwin notwithstanding, so it goes. Someone always makes a sacrifice — and if it were willing, why would anyone have to ask? — in such a case. If you kill someone in the service of the “greater good” does that make your act not-murder? How does that work? Can you explain the mechanics of that?

My word. Dolly writes better than you do, Mark!

This is another read-it-all piece, not because you could ever get a committed left-liberal to accept the premise, the procedure, or the conclusions to be drawn from it, but because it's a perfect schematic for opening the mind of the uncommitted American: he who has shunned the political discourse as far too noisy and thus has refrained from explicitly taking a stand.

With that, I believe I'm ready to forgive the long lapses between new posts at Baby Troll Blog. Well, almost.


Linda Fox said...

It's funny you talk about open minds - I just posted about that:

Drew said...

I disagree with your premise that the average American has an open mind. Or that it can be made to see logic, reason or what was once named ‘common sense’. I fear public education has completely dumbed them so far down that even Dolly’s approach could not reach them or help them understand their own best interests.