Sunday, November 6, 2016

Simple. Uncorrupt. Therefore, a mystery to Republicans.

And it's "populism" that's the problem.
It's pretty simple really. New law limits campaign contributions to $2,500 per year to living individuals linked to a valid SS # that can easily be crosschecked. Period. No Corps. Unions, Special interest groups, nothing. They can ask you to contribute to candidates who will advance their/your interests but they cannot receive or direct a dime. No soft money slush fund PACS.

If money is 'free speech' then everyone has an equal say, or not, as they choose. Iron-clad defense against any legal challenge. Candidates seeking support will have to come to citizens and make the broadest appeal for funds. Any candidate who cannot prove funds sources is in criminal violation of election law and fraud.

With limited funds to send a message to voters, they won't be able to waste money on mudslinging.

Mr.Soros would hate that.

Comment by shovelhead on "'Nothing Good Can Come Of This Election' ...And That's Good." By Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds, 11/4/16 (republished at Zero Hedge).

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