Sunday, November 20, 2016

The reigning leftist paradigm – worship of the outsider and the deviant.

The reigning leftist paradigm – worship of the outsider and the deviant. The following is from an interesting article about the radical change in leftist ideology that took place in the late 1970s:
The more or less mythical hero of the left was no longer the proletarian but the marginal, the migrant, the foreigner, the dissident, or the rebel – even if he happened to be a religious fanatic that no leftist intellectual would have anything to do with. One recalls how Jean-Jacques Rousseau made fun of those who pretend to love the Tartars in order to avoid loving their neighbors.[1]
Charles Dickens had another take on the propensity of wooly-headed people to love distant foreigners while neglecting their own family. Ours is not the only age afflicted with morons. The snowflakes and commie wannabes on campuses and riding their buses to the next Soros-financed rally probably consider themselves the most loving people EVer but entertain the most ridiculous caricatures of normal people and employ the tire iron and face mask to express their love.

Mr. Bricmont's observation is right on the money and he shines a bright light on Merkel's, Sarkozy's, Hollande's, Blair's, Cameron's, and Löfven's vicious elevation of the savage over their own people. This worship of the foreigner by the ruling elites is one of the most astonishing features of the declining Western world. Suddenly switching to a diet of potting soil is on a par with the madness of this new governing ideology.

As I write this the counter shows that there have been 29,747 victims of Muslim terror since 9/11. Only 253 to go till it's an even 30,000 and who doesn't have confidence that the lads will surpass that mark and soar to new heights. But it was Hillary's desire to ramp up Muslim immigration to the U.S. and any American Democrat politician worth his or her salt demands that the full mantle of constitutional protections and all possible welfare benefits be showered on these emissaries of a repulsive culture. Who hate us.

I have to admit that citing an article from Counterpunch is to venture into unfamiliar territory. When someone states an glaring truth, however, you gotta go with the honest commentator.

[1] "Trump’s Victory: Arrogance Defeated." By Jean Bricmont, Counterpunch, 11/11/16.


Andy Texan said...

Thanks for posting. Very interesting and perhaps effective influencing our misguided leftists back to the class conflict paradigm from all this multi-cultural, anti-racism error.

Col. B. Bunny said...

My pleasure. The turn to identity politics has led to much stupidity. The class conflict paradigm seems the more natural one. Ideally conservatives would work to sustain rule of law, free markets, tradition, and religion, as well as to moderate the excesses of idealogues. A healthy left should exist to ensure that workers don't get exploited and that the rich don't build closed systems. Both would keep each other honest. Today, leftists ignore the dangers of totalitarian power and it will be a cold day in hell that you see Hollywood produce movies about Stalinist, Maoist, and Castroite crimes. Similarly, they are blind to the positive attributes of capitalism, free markets, and the sanctity of contract. They're willing to see liberty and economic rationality fly completely out the window in order to attain their absurd goals.

Anonymous said...

Do they ignore the dangers or think they can tame the whirlwind? Methinks, based upon their words and actions, they are so proud to think they can. As is well known, pride comes before the fall.

I expect the left thinks they can use muslims to attain their goals of destruction and then suppress islam. To think this if very foolish indeed. On the other side islam is using these 'useful idiots' until they become the power.