Sunday, November 6, 2016

Spawn of Satan.

Mr. Tuttle [in an article called “The Racist Moral Rot at the Heart of the Alt Right” in National Review] accuses the Alt Right of opposing the triumph of “liberal democracy” and “classical liberalism as such.” Yet, his only evidence for this is that the Alt Right dissents on race–not that it wants to institute theocracy, central planning, Oriental despotism, or anything else he believes is opposed to “liberal democracy.” Mr. Tuttle seems to think that anyone who rejects current racial orthodoxies–orthodoxies that have prevailed for only 50 years or so–becomes a sworn enemy of “classical liberalism,” the Constitution, and all things good and beautiful. It is as if the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the supreme achievement of 2,500 years of Western Civilization, and that anyone who disagrees is barely human.
"The Intellectual Rot at the Heart of the Beltway Right." By Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, 4/9/16.

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