Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Safest Space

     Just a quick thought for today, as I’ve been procrastinating about several chores that I must address without further delay. It arises from the many reports, distributed widely over the nation, about miserable, terrified left-liberals seeking out and erecting “safe spaces” in which to garner some consolation...for the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

     First, as is my wont, a brief citation from a work of fiction:

     “We are what we are because people from all over the world came to America to work and live out their dreams. They worked hard. My grandfather came over from Russia because he didn’t like getting fucked over by the czar, and he worked, and he got his kids educated, and they got their kids educated, and so now I’m pretty damned rich, but I haven’t forgotten what Grandpa told me when I was little. He told me this was the best place the world ever saw to be a Jew. Why, Cliff? Because the dead white European men who broke us away from England and wrote the Constitution had some good ideas and they lived up to them, for the most part. that’s who we are, Cliff, and that means we have to be what we are, and that means we have to stand for certain things, and the world has to see us do it.”

     That’s about as concise a statement of my thesis as anyone has ever made – and it came from the pen of a conservative novelist who fought his way into publication against fearsome odds, ultimately becoming the most popular writer in the world. A novelist the Left – especially its annex in Pub World – derided as a war-lover, a jingoist, and of course a hack who churned out the military equivalent of porn.

     An American may not agree with you. He may find your opinions obnoxious, even dangerous. He might consider you personally disgusting, beneath contempt. But as long as your behavior remains within the law, he will tolerate you. He will even defend you from others who won’t tolerate you. Consider the famous “Skokie Affair” as evidence.

     Just now unhappy left-liberals are doing their damnedest to overturn the results of a legitimately conducted election that took place on schedule and which “stayed within the lines,” as far as anyone can tell. They’re doing it with supposedly spontaneous street protests. Despite the disorder and occasions of vandalism, law enforcers in the affected cities have met these disruptions with restraint. That restraint will come to an end should the authorities conclude that only a suppressive application of force – enough cops, National Guardsmen, and firehoses to render the continuation of the disruptions impossible – will restore public order.

     Public order is required for peaceable persons to be safe from assault when they leave their homes. Before all else, America is a place whose residents, regardless of their race, sex, creed, heritage, sexual preferences, or political opinions, have a right not to be assaulted. It’s more commonly called the right to life.

     Americans concede one another’s right to life. That concession is required for Americans to feel and be safe. Consider in that light not just the street disruptions and vandalism our cities currently suffer, but also the many calls from the Left for the assassination of Donald Trump. From all that it should be clear that such persons, regardless of their races, sexes, creeds, heritages, sexual preferences, and political opinions, are not Americans. Yet these creatures need “safe spaces” in which to huddle, because of their misery and terror...over having lost an election.

     America, regardless of the Left’s fevered fantasies, is the safest space.


Anonymous said...

Precisely why I say to those who want 'fundamental transformation' to go to the place(s) they think are better. This is not East Germany and no one is stopping you from leaving.

People came and continue to come here because things are done differently here. Don't like it.. that's fine but don't ask us to change to be 'more like Europe'.

Anonymous said...

They seek safe spaces because they expect we on the right to behave like the have and would have done had HRC won. Obama had nothing but contempt for us and made no attempt to hide that contempt. On the right we want limited gov and to be left alone. They see government as a way to FORCE their views upon others. Their mistake is that they ascribe to us their motives and expect us to act as they do therefore they are scared. Add to this that they believed the MSM polls (lies), the believe all the lies (racist, whateveraphobe, etc) the MSM continues to spout. So add cognitive dissonance to the fear. If Trump is successful and we are good winners we will win some over to our side. Also, if he is successful they will find their economic positions, especially Millennials, to be much improved. Another chance to win some to our view of how limited gov is good for all.