Saturday, February 25, 2017

Globalized neoliberal capitalism.

I'm never quite sure what neoliberalism is. Possibly something to do with the times before anyone heard of Lee Harvey Oswald. Maybe it means a return to sort of a wild west economy before well meaning bureaucrats and politicians fixed all the problems with free-market capitalism. Maybe it's code for "common sense." I just don't know. I am sure, however, that it involved back-alley abortions, a return to slavery, and a way of making corn flakes using mercury.

Nonetheless, C.J. Hopkins has a clever explanation of what globalized neoliberal capitalism is. I don't want to quote such wit at length so I'll merely point you to his article at The Unz Review.[1] Tenth paragraph beginning with "And this is the essence of the present conflict."

For a yet more cynical rewrite of the Declaration of Independence, see Steve Sailer's commenter FX's version, also at The Unz Review.

[1] "Goose-stepping Our Way Toward Pink Revolution." By C.J. Hopkins, The Unz Review, 2/21/17.

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