Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pearls of expression.

While Bush, Clinton and Obama bombed and invaded these countries, the Democratic humanitarians including their Jewish leaders just applauded and asked for more bombs. But they became appalled when Trump promised: no more regime change, end of “invade the world/invite the world” mode. Wikileaks put it well: bomb the Muslims, and you are fine; ban the Muslims, and you are the enemy.
"The Futile Efforts of Donald Trump." By Israel Shamir, The Unz Review, 2/7/17.


Unknown said...

President Trump is not going to get any relief from social justice warriors and progressive globalists. He might as well instruct his justice department to aggressively prosecute transgressions of the law both big and small in the democrap party and their worldwide allies. If he does not declare war on them (still figuratively at this point), he will fail to turn the ship of state.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The wonderful thing about this election and the Trump phenomenon is the way in which the mask has been torn off the Uniparty. Bill Kristol's announcement that the idea of America First is a vulgarity is just priceless. Suddenly we see exactly why Republican majorities meant nothing. They all have their noses in the trough and for sure don't care one whit for American interests.

Thus, I think the priority should be on cranking the rudder hard over and engage the largest targets of opportunity. Would that we still had Lee Atwater and Andrew Breitbart who had a great sense of theater and didn't get that deer in the headlights look when a battle got started.

I'm all for criminal prosecutions but I think Trump should choose carefully and only go after the worst of the worst. The left would love to divert him and have him play Whack-A-Mole. Comity with Russia, disengagement from Syria if not outright support of Assad, vote fraud, and, above all, troops on the border tomorrow, deportations ad astra, and educating the citizenry about how bad our economic situation is.

Unknown said...

I believe the professional protesters, high level leakers, the 'non-profits', refugee resettlement organizations, press barons, wall street barons, the grifters in congress and the bureaucracy, public employee unions and the like must be investigated in a very public fashion to put the fear of the God in them. Putin did this. The leftist infrastructure must be confronted head-on. Unlike the Bushes who rolled over puppies to have their bellies scratched. The President has enormous power to really crimp their style: Soros can have his financial/political empire attached by lawsuit. The spooks can have their security clearances revoked. Lawsuits a plenty can be started against environmental groups and enemies like the southern poverty law center & media matters. Judges and bureaucrats can be bypassed (exiled). Cut off government funding by executive orders. I am waiting with expectancy at the counter attack (at long last). David Horowitz is a good font of ideas in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the method to use and avoid wack-a-mole is to use the same model as used to take down illegal drug operations. Get the small fish to sell out the big fish and work up the chain. Alternatively pick a few starting points (Clinton foundation, Planned Parenthood) and use a 'let the investigation lead you' approach. That should catch a lot of fish in an orderly fashion. Or perhaps use both methods simultaneously. Have no doubt this is war (not hot yet) so using the classic military methods of maneuver and surprise should be employed.