Thursday, February 9, 2017

Racism And The American Negro

     There are some outrages that must not be overlooked. Here’s the one that just pinged my radar:

     I make no apologies for abusing your eyes and sensibilities with that. It’s a marker: a battle standard raised for us all to note. A declaration of war.

     I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said it: the majority of American Negroes are decent persons who work for what they want and expect no favors for themselves. Yet they protect the vicious and violent fraction among them—the criminals, the vandals, the grifters, the fathers of children out of wedlock, the racialist rabble-rousers, the public parasites, and the perpetually aggrieved – out of racial solidarity.

     Racial solidarity employed to protect the destructive and the antisocial is the most virulent form of racism. In our time it emanates solely from Negroes. And now Netflix has enlisted in its cause.

     Imagine the hue and cry were someone to make a “Dear Black People” equivalent to this lunacy. Imagine the howls of unfairness that would be raised over blaming the entirety of the Negro race for any and every offense against the laws of God or Man ever committed by a Negro. Imagine the street demonstrations, the pleas for civility, and the demands that the government suppress such “hate speech.”

     Of course, American Negroes have had archetypes of this sort of thing to emulate: e.g., Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and Barack Hussein Obama. It’s a fair question whether, had those...persons not gained public prominence, we’d ever have seen such an atrocity as “Dear White People.” But as the saying (and the law) goes, incitement to riot does not excuse riot.

     The irony of it is that there are still some Negroes alive who suffered Jim Crow and its excrescences. Those individuals can tell their racial fellows what real prejudice and real discrimination were like. Do they do so? If so, are they heeded and respected, or dismissed as “Uncle Toms?”

     It’s time for a massive, vocal, and highly public reaction.

     The central question is whether there are enough American Caucasians, Mongolians, and decent, fair-minded Negroes to shout this down: to demand, at long last:

  • That the racialists cease their drumbeating;
  • That our news and entertainment media renounce their anti-white bias;
  • And that our 88,000-plus governments cease to treat Negroes as a specially privileged class.

     It’s all gone on for far too long. We’ve attempted to shrug it off. That has been shown to be a mistake. Let’s hope that mistake can be corrected, for the sentiments of the non-Negro majority are trending in a dangerous direction.

     Will you do your part? Please?


MMinAR said...

I just cancelled NetFlix and told them why.

Anything else?

brinster said...

Golly, another anti-white "work of art." What a shock. We haven't seen anything like this lately have we?
White supremacy? Sure, look at the numbers. Whites ARE superior as far as the population goes.
Cultural appropriation? Another arrow in the quiver to be used to attack people minding their own business. How 'bout you give up that cell phone, flat screen TV, computer, car, medical care, airline travel etc., bruthahs and sistahs? We white folks will gladly trade off your cultural appropriation for ours.
We're getting closer to the great reckoning Francis.

The Hammertoss said...

I also cancelled my NetFlix subscription, and told them to contact me once "Dear Black People" was on the launchpad.

I suppose it's no surprise, of course. I've stopped watching all broadcast and cable television for essentially the same reason, I see no reason to pay money to receive enemy propaganda, specifically targeted against me.

Anonymous said...

Suppose you had two nearly identical Labrador Retriever puppies, differing only by white and black coats. When the white puppy peed in the house, you scolded him. When the black puppy peed, you soothed him, because you didn't believe he could perform to the level of the white puppy. When scolded, the white puppy learns self-control, and grows up into a normal adult. In the permissive childhood environment the black puppy does not learn as much self-control, and grows up into a hazard, adult-sized but not an adult personality.

Socialism, where government gives you everything instead of you having to earn it by satisfying other people in trade, was first used in America in Indian reservations as a weapon of ethnic cleansing. Removing the Indians' need for meaningful work destroyed the life purpose of adult warriors, and prevented children from being raised into a new generation of warriors. These policies were enacted by the controlling majority of White Male voters.

No ethnic group can withstand socialism. Not American Indians, not American Blacks, and not British Whites, who are called "soccer yobs" and have the same inner city criminal behavior problems.

JWM said...

I'm thinking of a line from Blazing Saddles...


Anonymous said...

Interesting how the 'racial solidarity' thing sounds very much like all those moderate yet silent muslims who apparently stand with the so called radical islamists. Food for thought, no?

Given recent history I assume immediately that *certain people* are highly likely to attack me unprovoked because they think I'm white. If I find myself in this situation I am on high alert to defend myself. As you may imagine these situations are avoided as much as possible.

Too bad those protecting the bad guys will be targets, likely for all sides, if things go hot. Sadly, they'll die confused. Oh well.