Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Leaked copy of President Trump's State of the Union address.

The Intergalactic Source of Truth web site has obtained a leaked copy of Pres. Trump's State of the Union address scheduled to be delivered tonight.

As a service to our readers here is the speech:

2030 HRS. EST
FEBRUARY 28, 2017

February 28, 2017

45th president of the United States of America

Greetings to the people of America. And ladies and gentlemen assembled here, thank you for your warm welcome. I am honored to be able to address the American people and you on the subject of the state of our union and I hope my words will be received in the spirit with which they are delivered.

1. Our unhealthy state. In my humble opinion, the state of our union is not good. This is a statement with which reasonable minds cannot disagree. What I will say lays out the evidence upon which I rely in drawing such a discouraging conclusion.

What I have to say is, of course, simply the opinion of one of your fellow citizens. Prevailing in a hard-fought national electoral contest confers no special wisdom on anyone but then certain attitudes, trends and facts are so patently obvious that it becomes the duty of even the humblest of persons to lay them before our great nation at long last. Our long, long history of embracing fairy tales about human nature, economics, and the benefits of an all-powerful government peopled by wise and educated people imbued with a special understanding of life that is the gift of the "progressive" absurdity must come to an end. We do not have the choice of avoiding reality. To do so will sooner rather than later see the incalculable damage that will be inflicted by "the pitiless crowbar of events" as the great Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn put it. As Robert Louis Stevenson also observed, ”Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences."

You see the point, I'm sure. Our prosperity and our technical brilliance have enabled us to enjoy unparalleled security and comfort but they have enabled our political thinking to become detached from reality in a way that is not healthy. As a wise person observed, "Reality always wins" but it is not our watchword and we must find a way to abandon fantasies about how the world works.

2. Dishonesty about Russia. The fixation in certain quarters of our political and intellectual establishment with the supposed aggression or expansionism of Russia is unhealthy, not borne out by any fair assessment of international realities, and a terrible threat to peace. The start of one of the great bloodlettings of human history was some 103 years ago and the responsibility for it is far from clear even now. And, as we all know, the destruction of the war and the punitive peace imposed on Germany by the victors led to even worse bloodshed and, worst of all, led directly to the weakening of the Russian czarist regime and the establishment of possibly the most evil phenomenon ever experienced by man, 20th-century totalitarian communism.

Clearly, however, a monumental recklessness and adventurism prevailed that validated each and every voice that was raised to avoid or end that conflict. That kind of recklessness and adventurism, that facile willingness to resort to military force, is present in minds and words of people who should know better.

We have to draw back from the unjust and duplicitous characterization of Russia as a major threat to the security of the United States. The Soviet Union was the greatest threat to mankind in the last century but it collapsed. It is gone. Russia today is completely unlike the Russia under communist totalitarianism.

FoxNews is particularly blameworthy here for daily presenting a one-sided picture of Russia as a threat. I call on it and all media to tread cautiously here to ensure that we make no missteps where world peace is at issue.

3. Syria. The hostility shown to President Bashar al-Assad and the war that we have waged against him must cease. The war we have waged is unconstitutional and, under international law, an aggressive war. It is a war that is inexplicable in terms of putatively dealing with any kind of a threat to United States interests from Pres. Assad. There is no such threat yet our participation in that war finds us supporting al-Qaida and ISIS! Can you imagine? We are supporting, supplying, training, and financing the scum of the earth. The United States simply can no longer be in this immoral position of supporting criminals and savages.

I hereby pledge to Pres. Assad to desist from all previous U.S. efforts to remove him and to assist him and Vladimir Putin in any way to defeat his hideous opponents.

4. Our foreign military posture. There was a time after WWII when the United States played an honorable role as a bulwark against Soviet expansion. The Soviets chose to wage a so-called "cold" war against us and all decent people which required that our reach also extend to regions of the world other than Europe. China too chose to wage war against us in support of North Korean totalitarianism. However, China has also chosen a different path of state capitalism and reasonably rational economic development. All told, the old reasons for our vast military and political involvement around the world are no more and a radical reassessment of our role in the world is mandatory. It is the height of absurdity that tens of thousands of our troops serve around the world at the cost of billions of dollars but not one – not one – U.S. soldier stands on our southern border to repel the invasion of millions of uninvited people from the third-world.

5. Our worship of foreigners. We are a sick people to the extent that we worship foreigners and import them by the millions to steal jobs from Americans, claim welfare benefits, commit crimes, crowd our prisons, vote in our elections, and otherwise debase the concept of United States citizenship. Of course, it is really only Americans who tolerate this debasement. We must once again hold firmly to the belief that U.S. citizenship is a precious right and is not something that should be handed out like candy at a piƱata party.

6. Immigration. The lie is abroad that illegal immigrants contribute to our economy. In point of fact, they have stolen jobs from Americans who themselves would have made the contribution to our economy celebrated by faithless and dishonest promoters of open borders and unlimited immigration.

America is in its essence a white, European, Christian nation that has bent over backwards to improve life for all citizens and to ensure that non-white minorities are fairly treated. Whites need make no apologies for the excellence of their laws and culture.

Foreigners who have chosen to invade our country because it suits them have no rights in this country. Zero. Nor do they have any claim to be allowed to remain. From the 1980s to the present Americans have been lied to and told that there are "only" 11,000,000 illegals in the country and that the real threat to them is from "criminal" illegals. That 11,000,000 figure is indeed a lie and the true figure is more like 40,000,000. Whatever the true number, each and every illegal must return to his or her home country. Who gave you the right to steal from Americans?

The concept of "white interests" is a worthy and acceptable one which I suppose will be contested by the corrupt leadership of our various ethnic and racial advocacy groups. Why we tolerate the "Congressional Black Caucus" but collapse into an ocean of tears about "white racism," "structural (i.e., white) racism," and "white privilege" is beyond my modest powers of comprehension.

Be that as it may, let us put an end to endless celebration of "Americans" while the white majority is diminished every hour and every day by the results of corrupt terms like "nation of immigrants" and "propositional nation." Give me a break.

If we're going to play identity politics, well, whites have interests just like every other group and one of its interests is not to cooperate in being made into a "majority minority" in our own country.

7. Islam. Oceans of pixels are expended to explain this curse upon the world. Little of insight has resulted. Islam – not Islamism, radical Islam, or radical, jihadi, or jihadi terroristical savagery – is the problem faced by all infidels and it and its adherents have no place in the U.S. let alone any Western country. Muslims must return to their native lands where they can practice their corrupt and obscurantist quasi-religion to their hearts content. Good fences make good neighbors. Begone.

8. Negro privilege. In a generous gesture to our black citizens, the white majority provided for legal discrimination against white people so that blacks and other minorities could enjoy preference in hiring and protection against firing. Now, even Jamaicans, Columbians, and Zulus who never set foot in this country until a week ago can claim this privilege that operates against whites. This must end.

9. Negro dysfunction. It's clear that the so-called civil rights revolution has failed and that our fellow black citizens by the millions reject the majority white culture. Not in favor of anything comparable, let it be said, but in favor of a culture that is the breeding ground of urban destruction, black-on-black crime, black-on-white crimes, poverty, bastardy, hostility toward whites, and academic and occupational failure. A culture that tolerates, even celebrates, a way of dressing so that young thugs wear their pants down below their knees and flash gang signs is a debased culture. This needs to be recognized by the black population and dealt with honestly without blaming white people for not doing enough. At long last let us put on the table what has been plain to see for a long time – black people are responsible for their own failure and misery.

That said, we need a new vision of what is acceptable behavior in our society. Any man or woman who chooses self-control, lawful behavior, family cohesion, self improvement, and adherence to good manners is and must be the most precious citizen of all. We have no obligation to embrace pathology and to assume that just because someone has a pulse he or she is on a par with civilized, refined people.

10. Fiscal and monetary insanity. It's clear that even the wisest of our bureaucrats and politicians have failed to manage our money and budgets wisely. The insane levels of debt and reckless expansion of the money supply prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our nation is committed to a "something for nothing" approach to life, an approach that is integral to socialism. This is probably an insoluble problem. We're free as a nation to pretend this doesn't have long-term consequences but, in reality, there are severe consequences.

11. The economy. We have far, far too many laws and regulations that hamper our business people. What statists thought was wise was unwise and destructive. Only the animal spirits and innovation that come from allowing free people to pursue THEIR concept of what is the best use of their time and money will guarantee a healthy economy.

12. Judicial tyranny. Since the 1930s we have been governed by an enormous federal government made possible by the Supreme Court's betrayal through an expansive reading of the Commerce Clause. The Court has also compounded its tyranny by finding in the Constitution rights to homosexual marriage and abortion that no judge had ever discovered in the previous 200 or so years in our nation's history. This must cease.

Similarly, all federal officials must conduct themselves in such a way that all that they do is done with an eye to the enumerated power delegated to the federal government in Article I, Sect. 8. For example, there is no provision therein for a Dept. of Education or a Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. Nor is there provision for an Environmental Protection Agency. The plain meaning of the words in that section is what must be searched for and followed. Fanciful, chimerical inventions of federal jurisdiction squeezed from the commas and semicolons of the Constitution must be rejected or we will lose what is only less precious than life itself, our liberty.

A majority of five Supreme Court justices should not have the power to decide basic questions about our lives. Impeachment of judges who exceed their role as interpreters of the Constitution must become as commonplace as heat in the summer and cold in the winter. There's nothing sacrosanct about an appointment to ANY federal judicial position and I propose to light a fire under hundreds of federal judges who abuse their trust. I call upon all our state bar associations to lead the way in identifying which judges betray our Constitution and us.

13. Civil disorder. There is now an epidemic of street violence and chaos, much of it sponsored by George Soros, which is unacceptable. Citizens must be able to express their views in the streets but far too many believe they have a right to appear with their faces covered which invariably is a signal that they intend violence and wish to avoid identification. I call upon all federal and state officials to ensure that legal remedies are created or enforced that enable this scourge to be dealt with and that such enemies of civil society are relentlessly and implacably pursued and punished.

Our streets do not belong to scum.

14. The Democrat Party. It is clear that the Democrat Party has been taken over by the ultra-left. I have no responsibility to do anything about that, save to ensure that there is no scourge of treason or subversion anywhere. However, it is enough to point out for all citizens to see that the Democrat Party of today has changed radically since the time of the riots at the Chicago Democratic Convention in the 1960s. Where our national politics are concerned, we truly are not in Kansas any longer.

In conclusion, note that there is much more that I could point out that shows how perilous our position is as a nation.

For example, one thing to be done is to stop the defamation of Sen. Joseph McCarthy who correctly pointed out, along with many other patriotic and informed Americans, that the United States government had been penetrated by communist spies and influence agents. The true extent of their damage and penetration has never been exposed to the nation.

Another terrible problem we have is the simply bizarre state of our culture, which bizarreness is only inadequately grasped from the antics of a feminism that can only be described as diseased.

These and other matters are for another time.

The points I have made here tonight are harsh but they are true as it is given to me to know and understand what is true.

To proceed as though none of this is accurate and to embrace what has been holy writ for the last 70+ years, however, is to stay firmly committed to national suicide and the destruction of one of the finest experiments in human liberty the world has ever seen.

Let the corrupt establishment press and political opportunists now do their utmost to destroy me or conceal these realities. It is really not a matter of any importance what my political fortunes may be. It is, however, important for all American citizens to decide if the current course of deception, arrogance, and fairy tales is for them.

I believe the American people elected me because they know what I am saying is true and want a change. I will do my utmost to be honest with them and to bring about healthy change that puts America first over all foreigners. I will do my utmost to make America great again.


CGHill said...

If The Donald says even a third of that, the streets will be packed with scum.

Col. B. Bunny said...

True. And the forces of order and sanity would, as usual, be totally cowed by them.