Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I Thought I Was Done For Today...

     ...but a piece linked at Doug Ross’s site has raised my hackles:

     When I come across some web site or material that starts to get racial – like, say, therightstuff dot biz – I go “Ugh!” and don’t look much further. Because assigning importance to race is dumb, whether it’s from the Left or the Right, I usually don’t want to waste my time on people/sites that do it. [Emphasis added by FWP]

     This contemptuous dismissal of the opinions sincerely held by several very bright persons I know -- including myself -- is pretty much the usual. “Dumb,” says this semi-literate...person. Well, if it’s so “dumb” to attribute some degree of causal power to race, how would he explain the strong and persistent correlations among race, intelligence, aggression, and criminality?

     Note that the very same people endlessly willing to call race realism “dumb” (and to spew venom at those of us who hold to it) will tell you that it’s “natural” that football and basketball are dominated by blacks. Yet they frown at the suggestion that it’s “natural” that hard-science doctorates and symphony orchestras are the almost exclusive province of whites and Asians. We who are willing to contemplate such connections must be “dumb.”

     The unwillingness to allow that it might be “natural” that as a statistical matter whites and Asians are more intelligent and less inclined to aggression and criminality than blacks suggests either a thorough indoctrination in political correctness or a deeply driven cowardice.

     A useful tangential observation: it’s very nearly impossible to domesticate the wilderness-bred wolf. It took many generations of selective breeding and careful conditioning to produce the amiable, comfortable companion we know as the dog. No doubt “Gay Patriot” would react to that by accusing me of wanting to institute a eugenic regime among blacks, to breed their aggression out and some intelligence in. But that, too, is a characteristic smear from those unable or unwilling to read racial cards that have been face up on the table for a century and more.

     This has been a public-service tirade by your race-realist Curmudgeon Emeritus.


Anonymous said...

Prior to blacks being common in professional team sports, they were completely excluded, because whites said they were not smart enough to play those sports. If that earlier distribution of no blacks in sports was due to racism instead of genetic aptitudes, then the present distribution of lots of blacks in sports might be due to racism, too.

Legal privileges have altered to favor university attendance by non-whites over whites. White percentages in college has decreased. Do you attribute this decrease to legal changes or genetic changes?

Francis W. Porretto said...

Anon: In your first paragraph, racism is unnecessary to the explanation of the change: given blacks' athletic advantages, the removal of the barriers to pro sports participation is sufficient to explain the difference. (Cf. Principle of Parsimony.)

As for your second paragraph, it's plainly been a combination of legal changes -- mainly regulatory interference in college admissions processes under the aegis of "affirmative action" -- plus the increasing hostility of higher education to young white men. (No regulatory body interferes with college admissions to guarantee the admission of young white men.)

Anonymous said...

Gay Patriot has apparently never heard of Margaret Sanger and her ilk. Too much cognitive dissonance there.

David said...

Yep. What do Detroit, Haiti, and any 'country' in West Africa have in common?