Saturday, December 22, 2018

Leftist Derangement Syndrome alert.

  • Trump’s War on Children."[1]
  • Trump’s “love of parades and military salutes.”[2]
  • Trump “is a man without principles, a sociopath who’s only real driving passion is his own self-gratification and ego-boosting. He is corrupt to the core, dismissive of democratic norms, and thrives on promoting discord and racial animosity, even to the point of separating immigrant children from their parents and keeping them in dog cages.”[3]
  • Trump: “Everything about this president is a nightmare: his misogyny, his racism, his willful ignorance about history and science, his corruption, his appeal to the basest impulses of the white working class he calls “my uneducated supporters.”[4]
  • “Climate change”: “[O]ur inability to confront the threats of rampaging climate change as evidenced by ever more catastrophic hurricanes and forest fires.”[5] (See "Updated list of things caused by global warming.")
[1] By Christopher Brauchli, Counterpunch, 12/21/18.
[2] “Trump Does Something Right for Once.” By Dave Lindorff, Counterpunch, 12/21/18.
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