Friday, December 14, 2018

We care deeply.

. . . Russian President Vladimir Putin [is] making “continued efforts to try to subvert democratic processes that must be defended. We’ll do whatever is necessary to defend them.”[1]
~ Defense Secretary James Mattis (quoted portion).

However, defending our “democratic processes” does not include lifting a finger in the U.S. to deal with vote fraud , a grave problem all over the U.S. So Gen. Mattis should spare me his “whatever is necessary” nonsense.

Mark Levin recently pointed out the obvious fact that the Republicans have been in control of both houses of Congress and the presidency for the last two years but didn’t do a thing to address vote fraud. Not a damn thing.

On top of which a known election-manipulating clown in Florida was unchallenged by Rick Scott during his tenure as governor. Now that’s a reasonably influential official in my view but he did nothing to deal with an official with a known history of ballot “discovery” and ballot destruction. He only narrowly won a Senate seat over a socialist disaster candidate after having to contend with some serious vote counting irregularities (sometimes referred to as “felonies”).

An electoral defeat would have been justice of a sort, though a set back for the Mr. Magoo Republicans. Our champs. Not that they give a damn. Which way did he go? Which way did he go?

Yes. Our devotion to “democratic processes.” What a joke. Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin will be on this like a duck on a discarded McDonald's Quarter Pounder (no cheese) with a medium order of fries.

Next on the agenda of any person who does care about the republic are (1) an end to “one-dollar, one vote” and (2) stripper legislation to neutralize Citizens United and keep unions from working for their favored (Democrat) candidates.

[1]  "Trump-Russia Collusion: James Mattis Tells All – Without Any Evidence." By Phil Giraldi, Russia Insider, 12/11/18.

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