Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Priority Schedule Of An Elite Part 2

     Regard, if you will, this brief snippet from the recent Congressional interrogation of disgraced former FBI director James Comey:

     It could hardly be clearer that Comey, who has demonstrably lied to Congress on more than one occasion did not “believe it then.” He was determined to see Clinton walk, and made sure of it with the wording of his report on the investigation. Why else would he have written the memo exonerating Clinton nearly two weeks before Clinton was first interviewed?

     But Comey did not respond to Congressman Ratcliffe as he did because he “believed it then” and “believe it now.” Hundreds of persons – admittedly, none of them a former First Bitch Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State – have been imprisoned for long years forexactly what Clinton and her aides did. When I was in defense engineering, I was warned of what would happen to me – not what “could” happen, mind you – if I were to disregard the classified material handling provisions of the National Security Act and the Espionage Act. I know a former engineer who was prosecuted for such violations.

     Comey was flaunting his status as a member of The Elite. He believes himself protected under Rules 5 and 6. Given recent events and trends, he’s probably right about that.

     The Feral Irishman has posted a few words on the subject:

     james comey is bragging about how he suckered mike flynn into a perjury trap….he’s running around in the main stream media bragging about it….bragging about how he took advantage of the confusion of a new administration…bragging about how he broke the rules because there was no one to notice he was breaking the rules in place yet…..why is he still free???….why is he not locked up..???

     he’s running around admitting he broke the law…and he’s free to keep running around admitting he broke the law…and no one gives a shit…..he laughs about it, and brags about how smart he was…..yeah, right…..

     because he’s a hero of the resistance, and also because he has some kind of job security and/or pension protection on account of bean a government employee….

     but mostly….


     Having weathered President Trump’s initial assaults, Washington’s swamp-dwelling Elitists are thumbing their noses at the White House, at the remaining decent persons in Congress...and at Us the People. The victory dance may be premature, but it’s no less blatant for that.

     Yes, they believe there is “nothing we can do about it.” Are they correct?

     Regardless of the image it projects, the federal Department of Justice is just as much a bureaucracy – just as much a part of the Washington Swamp – as any other federal agency. Its employees are protected by the Civil Service Acts. Its appointed functionaries mostly arise from its employee ranks. And as is the case with any bureaucracy, its primary priorities are survival and growth. It is observably in perfect conformance with Parkinson’s Lemmas:

  1. An official wants to multiply subordinates, not rivals;
  2. Officials make work for one another.

     Note that despite the blatant malfeasances of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Page, there have been no indictments. Without indictments there will be no prosecutions. But who would bring indictments against accused members of the DoJ? The Attorney-General...who was until recently former U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, a Trump backer and ostensibly not a Swamp creature. Yet Sessions did nothing. What about his successor, acting AG Matthew Whittaker? Is he a Swamp creature...or does the Swamp “have something on him?”

     From outside the corridors of power it’s effectively impossible to know, unless you can get one of its doyens drunk enough to confess. What we do know is that the above-named miscreants, each of which was a principal collaborator in a scheme to overturn a presidential election, continue to walk free.

     Is there truly “nothing we can do about it” -- ?

     The Elite will protect its members and their privileges with every available weapon. It will lie. It will conceal. It will coerce potential witnesses, whether by blackmail or outright threats to their lives and loved ones. It will punish those members who succumb to attacks of conscience. And every time it succeeds in thwarting an assault against it, it will do a victory dance in our faces. That’s how an Elite revels in having demonstrated its immunity to punishment. No matter how we hoi polloi suffer at their hands, what matters is that their priorities have been well served.

     The Germans have a word for it: Schadenfreude. Shadow-joy. The pleasure evil persons derive from the misfortunes of the good. Elitists would never admit to it in so many words, but then, they don’t really need to.

     That’s enough for the present, as I feel my blood pressure cresting from this subject. Perhaps I’ll be back later with something less exercising. But if you’d like a few more fulminations on it, enjoy this Kurt Schlichter column. What Schlichter suggests might be the only possible rejoinder to the Elite’s caperings at our expense.

     May God protect and preserve us and these United States.



One more quick thing:

Read the part about the undermining of faith in the system itself as a prelude to its destruction. This is deliberate. Read the image:

And then tell me you have any faith in the FBI or any other federal agency.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Nitz, that image is right here, in the very piece against which you posted your "read the image" comment. Why? Are you using Liberty's Torch as a promotional vehicle for your site? If I become convinced of that, it will cost you your commenting privileges.

Jess said...

The DOJ won't perform their job, so there is very little left to place the seditionists in jail. Maybe a judge will ignore the gentlemen's agreement, and demand a U.S. Marshall arrest some of the accomplices for contempt. That changes the game, and the swamp denizens may find they are on the losing team.


My apologies for reusing the image accidentally. I had opened the image as a standalone thing, opened the commenting window as a standalone thing, and forgotten that it came from this post. I do apologize. I'm frantic as we're getting ready to go on vacation...

As to my site; I generally don't self-reference, but I thought my essay was relevant to the discussion here... specifically, the outright, overt, in your face lawlessness is EXACTLY in line with a deliberate attempt to weaken any support of the US by the "normals".

Speaking of, I was just listening to the radio... two D congresscritters went to the CA border, crossed into Mexico, found that "teargas woman" and her FIVE children, and brought them back to the US. They claimed asylum, they're gone.

Hang them.