Sunday, December 2, 2018

The broken link.

There is now no link between Government and people. Not language, class, religion, culture, or in almost all cases nationality. . . .[1]
The utter lunacy of modern culture is astonishing. Pussy hats, world wide scientific fraud on nuclear winter global warming climate change climate disruption plague of toads, “gender,” white racism, white privilege, open borders, leftist street thuggery, government surveillance, pointless wars, fiscal profligacy, celebration of perversion and mental illness, and the like.

I drive through my lovely country and think how none of the scenic wonders or resources of my country are being preserved by the government for the benefit of Americans. Every action of this – and every other Western government – is directed at turning over what we have to foreigners. What the government doesn’t turn over to foreigners it loots from productive citizens to give to domestic parasites. I am not in my own country anymore but a country controlled by traitors. Their number one priority is not native-born citizens but foreigners, no matter how hostile, no matter how ignorant, and no matter how primitive.

Reserved for foreigners.

[1]  Comment by CRM114 on "Humanity's 'Broken Clocks' & 'Correcting' Back To Stone Age Barbarism." By Robert Gore via Straight Line Logic blog, 11/19/18.

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