Sunday, May 26, 2019

The citizen as despised cash cow.


. . . Roosevelt was able to raise the average income tax from 1.35% to 16.56% during his tenure—an increase of 1,100%.


Everyone now pays an income tax in addition to all the other taxes. In most Western countries, the total of direct and indirect taxes is over 50%.[1]

Think of that. The progressive/leftist/socialists who have undermined our constitutional republic, destroyed liberty, crippled productive society, flooded the land with hostile, resentful foreigners, deified destructive minorities, involved us in ruinous, pointless wars, and made utter lunacy the main topics of public discourse have their hands in our pockets to the tune of 50% of what we earn. Do out and out criminal protection rackets dare to demand that much? Yet the essence of "good citizenship" in this very hour is to submit to unbelievable exactions that finance activities and ideas that we find abhorrent.

Bimbo eruption.
Our criminal levels of taxation fund programs and buy votes according to the whims, needs, and social, economic, political, financial, and fiscal delusions of our political elite – utter strangers to us, buffoons in not a few cases, and people who have engineered the rolling catastrophe that is 21st-c. America. They are people who despise the people who founded and built this country and who make it run even today despite enormous government theft and mismanagement.

Our government is completely out of control and in the hands of grifters and idiots. The idea of representative government is laughable and the essence of America now is theft and stupidity. Our republic is indeed just "so much smoldering goop in a national dumpster fire" in the words of Jim Kunstler. Crushing taxation to fuel decay, subversion, third-world invasion, surrender to Islam, and war.

[1] "Doug Casey: Comparing the 1930s and Today." By Doug Casey, International Man, date not indicated, presumably May, 2019.

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Michael Stone said...

When you factor in all other taxes, including inflation, it's WAAAAY above 50%...