Monday, June 3, 2019

Pearls of expression.

Calls are constantly being made for government to do more. Remaining areas of personal life are to be invaded by increased government regulation, redistribution, control, command, and constraint. The idea of the independent and self-responsible individual diminishes in the number of its supporters, or so it appears, with every passing day.

Public-policy debates concern not whether something should be overseen and managed by government, but merely how far the interventionist welfare state should go, and who is going to pay for it.[1]

I never liked the feel of someone's hand in my pocket or of having to deal with some officious nimrod in the public or private power structure. What happened to that citizen prickliness that kept such things in check? Utter garbage is spewed from our "public" airwaves yet still the public shells out huge amounts of money to be lied to and deluged with statist, homo-globo propaganda. We accept highly restrictive ballot access laws so that new parties have a near-impossible task to get a toe in the door to challenge the Holy Duo. The write-in option on the ballot might as well not be there. Lung cancer is more popular.

Don't look to movies to teach independence and defiance. Ever wonder why the Western disappeared as a movie genre, unless it was to teach the delights of adulterous sodomy or serve as a vehicle for moronic, black revenge fantasies?

The elites have involved us in pointless military adventures in recent decades leading to the deaths of more than a million foreigners and misery and death for our military and their families. Ho hum. "They" are at it again.

Levies are in danger of being breached in the Midwest while trillions have been wasted on war and the demonstration of some airy-fairy "exceptionalism." All with utter contempt for the wishes or needs of Americans. Uncle knows best and take it from us those Russians desperately need to be straightened out. Sorry about your beloved son.

[1] "The America That Was - The Good & The Bad." By Richard Ebeling, ZeroHedge, 5/31/19 (emphasis removed).

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