Monday, June 17, 2019

The rot at the center of democratic government.

In the early 2000's this ship could have been turned around.

But rather than concentrating on those spiraling debts and unfunded liabilities, the British and really all European governments decided their time is better spent introducing laws banning people from being mean on the internet.

This last week Trump visited the Brits and out came London's mayor Sadiq Khan, who spent the entire week whinging about the orange man. And so thanks to Trump's security detail, London was, for the first time in ages, safe... at least within a 200 metre radius of Trump.[1]

"This ship" mentioned above refers to "European governments, due to socialist Ponzi schemes, [having] created a financial and now domestic social fustercluck."

By financial [disaster] the author means doing what Western governments do, namely, promise freebies to the sky and impose horrendous levels of taxation and play with debt like a child plays with nitroglycerine. What a surprise that finding decent employment and having even one kid gradually became heroic and ruinously expensive endeavors.

I recall a statistic I ran across in the 1990s to the effect that somewhere around 1990 the average American family of four paid an average of 22% of its income in income and employment taxes (Medicare, Social Security, unemployment). In 1948, that same family paid just 2% of its income for such taxes. I can't find the source for that now but it seems ballpark. In effect, the wife went to work to pay the taxes with a surtax on the family of having to pay for day care for the kids. All that work on her part for strangers to receive money that politicians have come to believe it is their right and duty to distribute.

By social [disaster] he means the importation of millions of hostile, oversexed, parasitic, third-world military-age males and others whose sprogeny despise the European ground they walk on. Do you hear any politician talk about why raising a family (or even finding a good job where wages aren't driven down to third-world levels) require such heroic efforts? That a change in course might be in order to avoid, say, an existential problem?

Thus, financial stupidity leads to social disaster "necessitating" the importation of your enemies.

"Esteemed fellow citizens, we helpless."

I commend Chris's article to you. It's witty and is an apt distillation of the Western disaster that focuses on the inevitable problem of government overreach that comes from pandering to dim-witted voters who want Bamaphones and real "voodoo economics." Bush '41 didn't know what he was talking about, mindless cipher he. A simple indicator of this political failure is the use of the terms "austerity" and "neo-liberal economics." Both refer to any effort to move the dial back in the direction of sound fiscal and monetary policies and, by God, the last thing a statist moron and modern electorates want is "austerity" or "neo-liberalism."

I think Chris's idea that getting third-world darkies to pay for first-world pensions for white Europeans was the basic reason for importing foreigners. IIRC, the Germans early on experimented with bringing in Turks nobly to do their part for a comfortable retirement for Germans. They half-heartedly held them at arm's length insisting on the fiction that the Turks were "guest workers," except that the Turks didn't think they were any kind of "guests" and shortly the Germans -- and then all other European political morons -- wouldn't turn off the flood, tried to square the circle that primitives belong in the West, and turned a blind eye to the obvious social and political disaster they had set in motion.

That deliberate failure to react to obvious catastrophe makes me think there was and is more of a moving spirit of malevolence to this whole affair. The viciousness with which objecting native voices have been attacked and with which long-existing freedoms have been jettisoned are because politicians desperately want to avoid having to deal with the disaster they created and the unworkability of the social welfare state. However, there still seems to me to be a large component of sheer evil, destructive intent in this suicidal course set by the political elite. Think Cloward-Piven and the Frankfurt School.

Be that as it may, Chris's article highlights the problem that modern governments are intent on sailing this grand Western ship straight onto the rocks. Listen to any of the regiments of Democrat contenders for the presidency in the U.S. and you'll see how much self-degradation Western politicians will embrace to keep the crazy gravy train going.

[1] "The Real Reason For A Refugee Crisis In Europe." By Chris, ZeroHedge, 6/17/19.


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