Monday, June 17, 2019

The 1st Official Drone-Assisted War

This is happening at the Mexican-US border. We need to jump on this, and shut it down - immediately.

I've learned a lot about drones in the past few months. My son-in-law has bought a drone, and will be taking some coursework that will prepare him to get a certification as a drone pilot. Both FAA and FCC regs are involved in overseeing the technology.

I wouldn't be surprised to find that drones will be the coming technology in the next war. The ability to scout out areas of operation, even at night, will likely prove game-changing.

Here is what the military is doing with drones at this time, at least that information available in the public domain. It's not hard to understand the appeal of the technology, both defensively and offensively.

Swarming with drones. Here is the military office in charge of planning, testing, and strategizing how to deploy drones and other tech into the Next War's Game Plans.

DroneZone has the 411 on what they are and how they work.

More on non-military and commercial uses of drones.

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