Sunday, June 2, 2019

Will YOU Fight for Christianity and Western Culture?

It may, in fact, come down to that.

We may need to defy the secular culture - boldly, openly, and with the sure knowledge that it may cost us dearly.

This post will publish on what Catholics call First Friday - the first Friday of every month. Many attend mass on that day, as indicated in the Promise of Fatima.

It's a devotion that used to be quite common; in my church, about 20-30 attend on that day, each month. The priest that just left our church, Father Fabio, used to have a celebration after - for those with a birthday that month. We had cake and various snacks, along with coffee and other drinks.

It was nice. I started doing it about a year after I retired. As a kid, I used to see my friends, who attended parochial school, regularly attend. I, who went to public school (father was not a Catholic), did not. I don't make it every month - but most of them. It's something I do for me.

Free Speech has never been so endangered in my life.

For me, the real start of my reclamation of Free Speech, was when I started signing my name to the work I wrote. Fran Porretto was the impetus for that (can't remember which post he wrote that challenged people to put their name to what they believed). From that day forward, I posted and wrote with my own name, not a pseudonym.

By affixing your name to your beliefs, you draw your line in the sand - you will NOT hide for fear of reprisals. Much of the power of the Elites is due to our fear of losing our jobs, our reputation, our place in society.

Tough. It's fine to talk as though we were ready to fight for liberation from tyranny, but, if you won't use your real name, it's just talk. And, the Elite know it - that's why they go furiously after those who do put their name to their convictions - it's to terrify the rest of the Dissidents into hiding behind false names. False names are a sign - I'm not ready to die today.

And, if you proclaim that, you have signaled that you already gave up.

And, China is a major danger to America - thanks, in great part, to the chuckleheaded Bill Clinton, who sold us out with his allowing China to join the WTO.

Speaking of warfare, it will be different than what you expect - it HAS been different. This link is to a site explaining why. If that whets your appetite, there is this new book to explore it further - I'm planning on buying it.

We can't afford to wait until the civilization completely collapses. That's what has happened in Venezuela, and we can't just go in and re-start it again.

The problem isn't that they don't know anything, it's that much (OK, almost ALL) of what they "know" isn't so.

Children - and, by children, I mean those who are not self-supporting and independent of assistance from family or government - need to be put into their place. Perhaps we could restrict the franchise to those who can prove - via an IRS form/tax return or affidavit from family - that they are self-supporting? I hate to tie this to income - women who have no independent income would lose out - but it may be the best single indicator that a person is grown up.

I would, of course, exempt those on Social Security - NOT SSI, unless they had previously EARNED their living - and disabled vets from that restriction.

Any better ideas?

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