Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Quick Observation About The Demographics Of The 2016 Election

     It appears that when the tallies are complete, Arizona and Michigan will fall into Donald Trump’s column, giving Trump 306 total electoral votes. That margin is sufficient for Trump to claim, quite legitimately, a mandate to govern. Yet Hillary Clinton racked up 59,600,546 popular votes to Trump’s 59,391,742: a margin for Clinton of over 200,000 popular votes that’s unlikely to shrink substantially.

     There can be only one explanation: the Democrats’ supporters are excessively concentrated in the coastal megalopolises. That gave Clinton large margins in those states she won. But had her supporters been more evenly distributed throughout the country, the Electoral College majority, and the accompanying the mandate to govern, might have gone to her.

     The Democrats’ “Free Shit Army,” as large as it is and as carefully as the Obama Administration has nourished it, is poorly apportioned among the states for presidential-contest purposes. That’s a large part of the reason for their hostility toward the Electoral College – a theme we will surely hear them trumpet once again.

     The significance will not be lost on Democrat strategists. They can’t compel their supporters to relocate to less urban states, but they could press their allies in various state legislatures and governors’ mansions to contrive inducements toward that end. All while they denounce the Republicans as “racists,” “sexists,” “xenophobes,” and agitate for an end to the “barbarous relic” of the Electoral College, of course.


David said...

The other thing to keep in mind is that Gary Johnson drew his support largely from people who would otherwise have voted for Trump. If you total his and Trump's tallys, the overall "fuck you" to the permanent bipartisan establishment exceeded 50%.

Anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch. Didn't the left want to concentrate people in cities to make them more manageable. Seems they missed some variables in their calculus.

On a related note, look at the county by county maps. Note that nearly all blue counties are urban centers. Just one more reason why if things got spicy the leftist would not last long.

Anonymous said...

A glance - or studied stare - at the county by county electoral map; is very revealing indeed. To quote Chuck Norris (of all people...) would be apropos right now..."the leftists and the elites would do well to look at the map, and realize - we've got them surrounded."
Add to that the truth that "their" food doesn't 'materialize' at the supermarket... in happier news, Cher is moving to Jupiter. - Grandpa
p.s. some SNL idiot just tweeted "rural = stupid"
The gloves come off now. May God have mercy on the left. It is not likely the deplorables will...

Anonymous said...

Clinton won CA by 2.5 M votes, but lost the rest of the country by 2.3 M votes. The Electoral College worked as designed.

Unknown said...

It is time to make California a "Sanctuary State". No need to deport to them back to their 3rd world crapholes - dump them in California. Build the wall in the Nevada border.