Tuesday, November 8, 2016

With Profound Hope

     “Government is a dubious glory. You pay for your power and wealth by balancing on the sharp edge of the blade. That great amorphous thing out there—the people—has turned and swallowed many governments. The only way you can stay in power is by giving good government. Otherwise—sooner or later—your turn comes.” -- Frank Herbert

     Make it so, Americans.

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Anonymous said...

Done,and done. The economy is still fucked, don't think TPTB won't do all possible to fuck shit up in the lame duck days. Trump will buy us some time, but we're still augering in. The sidelight of Trump's win is, we the people sent the biggest repudiation of 0bama and all he has been and done that we could.
Hey, 0bama - Fuck. You. And the transvestite witch posing as your wife. Hey Clintoons... sleep light. The knock on the door is coming soon