Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Interrupt Enabled!

     On Tuesday, November 8 in the year of Our Lord 2016, at approximately 9:00 PM, I laid myself down for the night, with absolutely no idea to what I would awaken. I rose at 3:45 this morning to news I hadn’t dared to expect.

     The pollsters said it wouldn’t happen.
     The mainstream media said it mustn’t happen.
     The kingmakers of the Republican Party were against it.
     The barons of both the major parties strained to prevent it.
     Leftist financiers and political tacticians gave it everything they had.
     And they failed.

     We have a president-elect, and it isn’t Hillary Clinton.

     The story of this campaign will be told for decades, perhaps centuries. The historians will paint the characters and personalities of the contestants in the most garish colors in the political palate. The mainstream media have already begun the ugly allegations: racism, sexism, xenophobia, hatred of “the poor,” voter intimidation, “fear of a strong woman,” and so forth. The outcome won’t change for all of that.

     For four years at least, there will be a voice emanating from the Oval Office that will speak fearlessly, unambiguously, and without pretense. Will we like everything we hear? Probably not; Trump is his own man, installed in the presidency by his own efforts. He owes nothing to anyone and can be expected to act accordingly.

     The Trump for President campaign has issued a “high priority interrupt” to the establishment’s march toward absolute, all-pervading control of America, the American people, and the American economy. The interrupt was enabled. For good or for ill, it will be serviced. Now we shall really see.

     It wasn’t a Reaganesque landslide. We’ll never know whether, had Donald Trump received fairer treatment from the press and the wholehearted backing of the GOP, it would have been a blowout of Reagan’s magnitude, though I strongly suspect that Trump’s margins, both in the popular balloting and the Electoral College, would have been substantially larger. But he made it despite the GOP’s prissy noli me tangere attitude and the mainstream media’s hysterics.

     Thank you, Americans who believed, worked, argued, and finally voted. You denied the presidency to a corrupt, self-absorbed elitist. You looked past the candidates’ words to their deeds. You averted what might have been the death blow to these United States. I, at least, am grateful.

     Trump might still disappoint us. Not electorally; that appears to be in the bag. But he might succumb to establishment pressures. Once inaugurated, he might yield on some or all of the issues on which he based his campaign. He does believe in negotiation rather than absolute firmness of stance. Every last man in Congress knows it. They cannot fail to press him, out of their self interest as components in the Powers That Be.

     But a Clinton II presidency would have been far worse than anything that might come out of the Trump Administration.

     While we must concede nothing to the Democrats – remember the betrayals of 2001, when the Republicans unwisely agreed to “split” control of the Senate, giving the sleazy Jim Jeffords his opportunity to turn his coat – we can be gracious winners. Let’s prove it. Let the servings of crow be modest, well seasoned, and attractively garnished.

     The word for the day is gratitude. Luxuriate in it! It’s been quite some time since the American political order gave us anything for which we could be grateful. But don’t stop praying. Don’t stop arguing for your convictions. And put not your trust in princes, whether you voted for them or not.

     Above all, be grateful.


Linda Fox said...

The HRC clan and the Establishment should play a chorus of "The World Turned Upside Down" in honor of the original American Rebels who overcame, despite the odds, against a monolith that COULDN'T be defeated.

Yes, prayer undoubtedly helped, but it had to be backed up by ACTION in the temporal world. Pray like it depends on God, and work like it depends on US.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! Thank God for answered prayers!

robins111 said...

The truly hysterically funny thing is, that the wailing and gnashing of teeth seems to be worse among the Canadian liberal/lefty crowd than in the US...

brinster said...

Trump had 256 electoral votes, and it was taking forever for the final returns from Pennsylvania and Michigan to be announced. The wife and I couldn't stay up any longer. Turned the sound off on the TV. Minutes later, stuck my head up off the pillow and saw Trump was elected. Had to stay up a while longer.
Then came the acceptance speech. It was incredible. Humility! Conciliation! And, dare I say it, Statesmanship! This wasn't the Trump seen during the early days of the campaign. This was President Trump. A remarkable transformation; almost as remarkable as his being elected.
There are already positive signs from the rest of the world. Duterte of the Philippines sent congratulations and "wants to work together."
My God, Putin sent a congratulatory telegram and the Russian parliament burst into applause!
It looks as if the world miraculously turned into a better place overnight. Let's all hope that's true.
Stay vigilant. There's much work yet to be done. Keep praying.

Bob T. said...

Well said, Francis. I *will* luxuriate in gratitude for the additional time to prepare for what's coming. I'm enough of a realist to recognize that one human who is demonstrably not fully divine as well as fully human cannot undo the damage inflicted over many decades. As was said over at Western Rifle Shooters yesterday (and I'll edit slightly for temporal relevance), the problem isn't that Hillary is an unethical, corrupt, criminal, lying dirtbag -- everyone knows that. The problem is that her supporters did not and do not care.

As far as Trump soliciting assistance from those who did not support him in healing the country's divisions, I'll allow that he pretty much had to say words to that effect in his victory speech. That being said, compromise is possible only when the involved parties are in agreement as to the desired end state, i.e., the differences to be resolved concern the mechanics of how to reach that end state. Where the goals are different, no compromise is possible. People who substitute emotion (how they feel about something) for logic (what they actually think about something, assuming they are capable of critical thought) don't understand the concept of compromise, and that's why I choose to disengage from future interaction with them.

"There is no voting our way out of this" is still very much in effect. Yesterday bought us some time, and I *do* thank G-d for that.

Amy Tapie said...

I'm not jumping for joy over a Trump victory. But I am breathing a sigh of relief.

We stepped back from the brink last night. But that doesn't mean we're out of danger just yet.

In particular, my sisters, brothers, and I will want to watch Trump carefully, and make sure he doesn't go off "into the weeds," such as by introducing measures that would infringe our rights. He's got plenty to do just in staying "on mission" and sticking to the themes that were the centerpiece of his campaign...and, if those actually come to fruition, LGBT people should benefit along with everybody else.

(Of course, first, most of them will have to lay off the caterwauling because their hopelessly-corrupt and lawless candidate lost. Honestly, you've never seen such a wail of lamentation as my Facebook feed looked like last'd think someone just shot Father Christmas...)

brinster said...

Agreed Amy. We should keep a close eye on DJT. We don't quite know what we've gotten yet, but if he continues the theme of his acceptance speech, things can't help but improve.

Anonymous said...

...likely because of all the libtards here who said they'd move to Canada (or Jupiter) if Trump won. Good riddance I say. -

Anonymous said...

Great relief for perhaps more time. I will celebrate when Obamacare is repealed and all of Obongo's executive orders are reversed. I'd also very much like to see HRC become a convicted felon (after 20 January 2017 of course).

We must remain vigilant. Watch the GOP and primary all who didn't get the message sent last night. This is a first and significant battle but the war will take a long time to win. Patience and perseverance must now become our watch words.

Fatebekind said...

Down Goes Frazier!
I actually assumed on Tues morning that a reeducation camp might be in my future.