Tuesday, November 29, 2016


     CSO: Why on Earth are you whistling Keith Richards’s guitar break from “Time Is On My Side” at this hour?
     FWP: Possibly because I’m slowly going insane.

     CSO: You need to get out more.
     FWP: I think I need to get out less.

     CSO: That would be pretty hard to do. You could sign up with the parish to have the Eucharist brought to you.
     FWP: What, and just watch the Mass on television?

     CSO: Or on your computer.
     FWP: God, no! It arrives as a string of tweets.

     CSO: It beats the way the non-English-speakers get it.
     FWP: How’s that?

     CSO: Emojis.
     FWP: Get thee behind me, Satan!

     This marriage schtick has a definite downside.

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