Sunday, November 20, 2016

Different breed of cat.

In virtue, the American oligarchy currently in control of the intellectual means of production bears no resemblance to the natural aristocracy, the object of Thomas Jefferson’s lauding reflections.[1]
The media monopoly that distorts American society and government is a curse. That and the inordinate role that money plays in our politics cause gross distortions in public life. But, like vote fraud, don't expect the Republicans or ultra-leftist Democrat hysterics to effect reforms any time soon. Massive distortions of the political process are the cornerstone of 21st-century America.

However, who can use what bathroom, Steve Bannon's being a Big Blue Meanie, the patriarchy, our "rape culture," and equality for our pampered, infantile females will be page one news for the next decade. I'm concerned. I know you are too.

[1] "A President Who Doesn’t Hate Those People Clinging to Guns & God." By Ilana Mercer, The Unz Review, 11/13/16.

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