Monday, November 21, 2016

Zebra Killings.

Not only did the Zebra killings represent the greatest instance of racially-motivated killings in modern American history, but the number of victims was quite possibly greater than the combined total for all other such examples over nearly the last 100 years of our history. Based on that reality, the near-absolute media blackout has been quite remarkably Orwellian and deeply disturbing.[1]
Ron Unz writes a thoughtful article on the Zebra killings but the main thrust of his article is the degree to which the American media practices – and has practiced – a pattern of deception. Famous cases that have been the subject of much media hysteria have proved to be exactly the opposite of how the media portrayed them. Plus, horrific crimes are deliberately downplayed by the MSM and vital information about those and lesser crimes are deliberately omitted by the MSM:
In fact, the evidence suggests that the overwhelming majority of all racially-motivated violent attacks in America each year are committed by blacks, usually against whites, though sometimes against Asians or Hispanics. But these attacks are almost always ignored by the media, while the newscasters and politicians seem almost desperate to shine a spotlight on any that occur in the opposite direction, even if they are almost nowhere to be found. Indeed, a few years ago I pointed out that for decades the statistical correlation across all our urban centers between the prevalence of blacks and the prevalence of serious crime has been among the highest found anywhere in the social sciences, strongly suggesting that marginal urban crime is essentially a black phenomenon. But individuals who form their view of the world primarily from our mainstream media would probably remain unaware of these important facts.[2]
Unz's article is an excellent piece on the significance of the media's abdication.

[1] "American Pravda: The KKK and Mass Racial Killings." By Ron Unz, The Unz Review, 9/19/16. (Omitted from Unz's examples cited is the horrific Channon Christian and Christian Newsom murders in Knoxville. Their murders are part and parcel of what he describes.)
[2] Id.

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