Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Commies and feminists.

The poisonous agenda of the far left and, to repeat myself, feminist lunatics:
The rally [against “racism and sexism” in the medieval town of Visby on Gotland, Sweden] ended with the participants chanting the slogan: “No racists in our streets!” . . . By “racists,” they were not referring to Muslim men who view European women as worthless infidel sluts. No. They were protesting against European women and men who object to having young Muslim men from brutal war zones forced upon local communities through a state-sponsored policy backed by the EU and applauded by the UN.

The parties that backed this demonstration against racism in Visby were the Marxists of the Left Party (V√§nsterpartiet), Sweden’s “reformed” Communist party, as well as the Feminist Initiative. . . .[1]

If a man holds a door for a woman it's proof of the "rape culture" that's the foundation of heteronormative, patriarchal hell. So what if your country overflows with foreign men who have nothing but contempt for you?

Fjordman's article is worth your time. Sweden is just the most extreme example of where traitorous leftists intend to take the nations that white people built.

We consider this normal.

[1] "The Political Rape of Sweden." By Fjordman, Gates of Vienna, 10/31/16 (footnote references removed).


Anonymous said...

"If a man holds a door for a woman it's proof of the "rape culture"." Hence there is no door holding or any other chivalrous behaviour from this guy. Elderly women still get proper treatment from a gentleman because the recognize its value and appreciate it. If she looks 60 or under.. oh well.. you are equal and I'd just hate to be misogynistic and imply you can't do for yourself.

As for those mulsims the left loves so much just wait. The left will not only be victims as well but likely some of the first since they are closely allied. Jihad and world domination. Read all about it in the Koran.

Col. B. Bunny said...

People do not appreciate the extent to which they can become irrelevant once "their allies" get a grip on the reigns of power. I read Eugenia Ginzburg's Journey into the Whirlwind and she, the good little communist, seems to have been genuinely surprised that she and her husband ended up in the Gulag. They had such hopes.