Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gays, Muslims, and feminists – keepin' it real.

In April 2017, Fillon, an Anglophile and practicing Catholic, could conceivably confront Marine Le Pen, the anti-Islamist leader of the National Front, in the second and conclusive round of the French presidential election. If so, the pundits will find that their old mental maps have been rendered useless in a conflict between two “conservative” candidates. That’s because the working-class vote, once claimed by the Left, has been abandoned by the French Socialists, who, like their counterparts in America, have run off in pursuit of an incoherent alliance of gay, Muslim, and feminist voters.
"French Twist. How Marine Le Pen quietly became the left-wing candidate in the French elections." By Fred Siegel, City Journal, 11/30/16.

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