Wednesday, November 2, 2016


     Just a quick thought today, as I have yet another Day From Hell® scheduled and I need to get my ass in gear before the first of the Furies arrive.

     The esteemed Dystopic says something highly relevant this morning:

     He has his flaws, but a Trump presidency is unlikely to continue the trend of systemic reality denial on the part of the people. His bombastic behavior will either be true, in which case he will do some good by shedding light on it, or will be wrong… and promptly pounced on by every self-anointed fact checker on the Internet.

     But Hillary’s political machine will slowly but surely bend the people in the direction she wants to go. Or, at least enough of them to hold on to power, at any rate.

     Now, there are two ways to interpret the second paragraph. The first interpretation is as a prediction for what would happen were Clinton to gain the presidency. In that sense, I consider it optimistic. Hillary Clinton is far less restrainable than her husband proved to be. She has no respect for the law, including the Supreme Law, the Constitution. Moreover, if Republican legislators’ timorous behavior over the past eight years will serve as a predictor, even large GOP majorities in both Houses of Congress would probably acquiesce to the greater part of her wishes.

     The second interpretation, which Dystopic probably didn’t have in mind, is as a prediction of what would follow should Clinton lose on November 8. The Clinton machine would not dissolve into a puff of smoke. It would probably make common cause with what remains of the Kennedy / Obama alliance to engineer the most appalling possible failures for the Trump Administration, thereby “proving” that the Republicans can’t govern, that Trump is a mistake, and so forth. That strikes me as the most promising path back to hegemony for the Democrat Party...and I’m sure the possibility is already being explored by the Evil Party’s strategists.

     The hopeful possibility that has convinced me to support Donald Trump derives from what happens to a tree when it’s “girdled:” i.e., when a continuous cylinder of its trunk is stripped of all bark. Water is conducted from the roots to the trunk, branches, and leaves solely by the bark. The interruption of its water supply guarantees that the tree will die of dehydration.

     A Trump Administration, should it prove to be better than other recent Republican administrations at effectuating its declared intentions, might succeed in interrupting the Left’s nutrient streams – money, patronage jobs, and “compromise” concessions from the Right – for four to eight years. Even though some of the richest people in the world back the Left, that might cripple or kill it in the fashion of girdling a tree.

     Political forces cannot survive long interruptions in their funding, their acquisition of entry-level and mid-level positions in government, and increments of “progress” that keep their allegiants enthusiastic for The Cause. When those three sources of nutrition are severed, the rank and file swiftly become disillusioned. They turn to other involvements, leaving a remnant of true believers who do nothing but complain to one another and reminisce about the Good Old Days.

     I can’t assess the likelihood of such a development from here. But the possibility, even if heavily against the odds, is definitely worth playing for. So please vote for Donald J. Trump for president on November 8.

     Perhaps I’ll be back later.


Anonymous said...

If Trump wins he is far from done. In order to actually succeed he will need to do a few things. Most importantly, go directly to the people and get them on representatives and senators. He will also need to stump for like minded candidates during the midterm. If he tries to do things the 'typical' or 'establishment' way he will get eaten alive. From what I've seen to date I bet he has plans to do things differently.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton, for all his failings, is a politician who EARNED office. From AG, to governor, to President, the office was his alone. He understood its power, its function, and its place with respect to other power offices.

On the other hand, the Mrs. has been GIFTED with high office, due to having the name Clinton. Mrs. Clinton has no respect for office, and doesn't understand its function apart from knowing that it's power and she wants it.

Much like a welfare family who destroy their free apartment because they have nothing vested there, Mrs. Clinton will happily abuse the powers of office because she has invested nothing of herself in winning such.

- Charlie

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

The outcome of next Tuesday's circus event only matters on the margins. The "winner" will preside over and be blamed for the greatest catastrophe in the annals of imperial history: the financial/economic global implosion of the welfare/warfare state. Whether he or she occupies the offal orifice matters not.


Andy Texan said...

The only branch of the Gubmint that now matters is the Executive. Trump can wield the kind of power that can throttle the administrative state an put us back on the constitutional path if he is true to his word. GO TRUMP!

Tim Turner said...

I doubt all this. I thought the financial and medical and debt stuff would kill the economy within the last 4 years.

I thought the foreign affairs stuff would prove to the American people that leftists don't have a clue.

I thought the corruption of Holder, et. al. would expose Washington and the life-long bureaucracy for what it was: a self-serving machine in control of more and more of our lives.


What the past years have proven is that not only will the American people put up with this lie, the WORLD (in terms of money and politics) will just keep on going.

Sure, we may all turn into the Argentina of a couple of decades ago. But the narrative will be, "This is the new normal. This is where unbridled capitalism has brought us."

And we'll live with it

Trump can't stop it. He doesn't even see all of it coming.

Hillary will guarantee it.

The next revolution won't happen here, despite all the guns. It'll probably happen in China or Japan or somewhere where the economy breaks down and enough people go hungry to destroy whatever power is in place. And it'll ripple outward.

My prediction: It won't be enough. The American experiment died. As Fran has written, leftists and power-mongers sooner or later gain control of almost every social gathering. This is the new world order.

Everyone is everyone, no one is anything. And something that knows better is in charge.

Dystopic said...

No, Tim. I don't accept that. I cannot accept it, because the argument is rooted in Fate, the notion that it MUST be this way.

There is a counter-balancing force at work, the same one that spawned the American revolution, and more than a few coups in history: the desire for freedom. It is true that many will throw it away for a little handout, or some moral relativistic trash peddled by Socialists.

But others will not. And the ones who won't are stronger in character (and often physically, also) than the ones who do. I do think war is coming, and that it will be a terrible thing. But I am somewhat optimistic that the power mongers will LOSE that war, because they will over reach.

Leftists take over every social gathering, yes... but there is a corollary... when enough is enough, the power mongers are hung from lamp posts and the tree of liberty is watered with their blood. That day is coming sooner than most people think.