Thursday, October 25, 2018

A crisis of legitimacy.

Central banks’ free reign over monetary matters has not only brought about the greatest age of inflation in human history, but has led to the exacerbated development of financial markets and financial instruments, no longer connected to sound money or to the ‘real’ economy. The rotten core of the system was only briefly exposed in 2007 during the financial crisis, but bailouts and the regulatory patchwork of the following years have calmed the waters once more. But this cannot last forever. It is naïve to think that the corroded roots of the financial system will last for long, or that real financial stability is achievable without producing at least a partial implosion of the current system built on money produced out of thin air.[1]
This is like the transfer of tens of thousands of American factories in China. This gigantic mistake has been devastating to the American economy, communities, and workers and brought fabulous riches to China. China’s a communist dictatorship that persecutes Fa Lun Gong adherents and, by some accounts, uses those of them it imprisons as feed stock for China’s thriving organ transplant business. China also made it clear that it was extremely interested in building up its military to surpass that of the United States. Where were the Yale, Harvard, and C.F.R. geniuses when a glimpse into the near future might have prevented this ghastly error on “our” part?

Similarly, what segment of the Treason Class sounded any kind of a warning that the “nation building”/"regime change" pipe dreams in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, and Syria were an exercise that only morons would participate in?

Now this article by Ms. Dorobăț points out the consequences of short-sighted and arrogant financial manipulation. Even the Fed’s “target rate” of 2% annual inflation means that by the Rule of 72 anything you have saved is reduced 50% in value in 36 years (72/2). That’s what the Fed wants to have happen as an expression of their wise monetary stewardship. If inflation happens to actually be 5% then you can kiss half of what you’ve saved goodbye in 14 years. And who's to say the Fed isn't lying about its “ideal” rate of inflation and not conniving in higher rates of inflation? How this is different from plain vanilla theft in either case? Since Dorobăț talks about “greatest age of inflation in human history” we’re talking about a massive transfer of wealth into hands of people who are quite invisible or unreachable and for reasons that have exactly nothing to do with the welfare of the people.

So outright theft aside, even the slow, inexorable effect of inflation was blown off by the beautiful people, whose perfumed underwear and luminescent diplomas came to exactly nothing when it came to stewardship of the nation. But a whole lot of reckless, grasping, conniving banks here and in Europe got their bacon saved and lived to screw over their nations’ fortunes for another decade and counting.

This is what is known as government of the people, by the people and for the people. Moreover, it's beyond obvious that the Treason Class will not enforce the criminal laws and will NOT seal the border. They are going to jam "diversity" down our throats if it kills them.

I'm sick of Trump's shucking and jiving on this impending invasion of our nation, talking as he does of "alerting" and "notifying" U/I entities and mewling about how he's somehow hamstrung by Congress's failure to pass the "right" kind of laws. "If only Congress would act, I could defend the nation." What a crock.

God bless Trump for having shaken things up a bit here and abroad but on the core issues he's scoring A+ on fecklessness and obfuscation. He won't step up to the plate and effing ORDER the military to the border and he's for damn sure not making any kind of a coherent, principled case for the use of force in the defense of sovereignty. The very best we can expect is a tweet storm concluding in each case with "not good" or "very bad." Well, when do we march?

This has been going on for decades and people aren't satisfied with hind tit on vital issues any longer. The political system, including Trump, can adapt and light a fire under themselves or this show won't continue in its present form.

[1] "Our Easy-Money Economy Is Not Sustainable." By Carmen Elena Dorobăț, ZeroHedge, 10/23/18 (ZeroHedge emphasis removed, author's link removed, my emphasis added).

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