Sunday, October 7, 2018

I Don't Care if We Get Down to ONE Priest Per Diocese... long as he is an orthodox, faithful priest. Not preying on young boys and teens. Not secretly meeting with a lover out of sight of the parish. But, teaching the faithful according to the established doctrine of the Church.

I'll settle for once a year Mass, with deacon-assisted weekly meetings.

Anything to uproot this Culture of Priestly Debauchery and Cover-Up.

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Col. B. Bunny said...

I wonder if men with vocations, if that's the right word, increasingly chose secular careers leaving the Church desperate to fill clerical posts. Then homosexuals, not initially known to be such, presented themselves and, voila, a solution. As they rose in the hierarchy they could favor other homosexuals? Then, when the abuses became impossible to ignore and the nature of the newer priests became similarly impossible to miss, the Church chose expediency over the "disadvantages" you mention. I think the faithful would have preferred less frequent priestly officiating than the expedient non-solution that was chosen.

I have a feeling the rot was not just in the lower ranks but is much higher, if you get my drift.

Bad times.