Friday, October 12, 2018

Cat’s Paws

     The following short clip is of something you’ve probably heard about already:

     This is a link in a chain:

     ...but no doubt you’ve already heard about those other two incidents, as well. Couple them to the utter refusal of any Democrat with a national platform to condemn, or even to demur from, those calls to violence, harassment, and intimidation, nor to allow that such rhetoric might be causally connected to the increasingly frequent violent assaults on Republicans, conservatives, and supporters of President Donald Trump.

     The chain has other links that reach further back. You needn’t have been paying attention for long to remember the threats lodged against Brett Kavanaugh and his supporters. It’s only about a year since failed comedian Kathy Griffin displayed the simulacrum of Donald Trump’s severed head in a video. Quite a few Right-leaning speakers have been harassed or threatened out of speaking engagements these past two years, too. You only have to have taken a passing interest in the 2016 Presidential campaign to remember the threats and harassment of Trump supporters at his rallies. And remember Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun” Obama?

     Correlation is not causation, but it can be awfully suggestive. It gets more so when the media stoutly and steadfastly refuse to allocate the blame for left-wing mob violence, even when the assaults are captured on multiple video recordings. And what are we to think when no one to the left of center is willing to peep the slightest criticism of the masked, violent thugs that call themselves “AntiFa?”

     Makes you think, doesn’t it?

     The rhetoricians of violence, intimidation, and harassment may be stupid – they were certainly self-deluded enough to lose “the most winnable presidential campaign in history” – but they’re not stupid enough to believe that no one will take their exhortations literally. When the eruptions of left-wing mob behavior are as numerous, as public, and as well documented as they’ve been, there can be no serious doubt that that’s exactly what’s happening. It started on Inauguration Day. It’s only grown worse since then.

     We have to assume that they know what they’re doing. We have to assume that they intend the consequences. And we have to allow them no smallest, thinnest shred of concealment from the odium they’ve earned. They must be made to wear it – in some cases, all the way to prison. What else, pray tell, are laws against incitement to riot meant for?

     A few brassy persons on the Right have said things to the effect that if a real civil war should erupt, the Right will prevail, because “we have all the guns.” This is foolishness on a potentially catastrophic level. Guns don’t matter nearly as much as the willingness to accept risks to self and loved ones, or the will to fight and win regardless of the cost. What evidence do we have that the Right is adequately supplied with those things? As Right-leaning Americans tend to be rather older than their putative adversaries – men with wives, children, homes, and workplaces to worry about – the matter admits of considerable doubt.

     And while we sit here complacent about our preparedness, the chain grows link by link. One end lies in the hands of men and women who are determined to return to power, and never again to be removed from it. The other is connected to the thugs and harassers, and they follow their masters’ exhortations willingly.

     Counteraction is required. Perhaps it must be of the sort Mr. “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun” has prescribed for his allegiants. Perhaps something less tawdry will suffice. But we cannot preserve the Republic when only our enemies, would-be totalitarians entirely devoid of scruple determined to regain power at any price, are willing to fight.

     Time to pray.


Linda Fox said...

You are right about the easy access to guns being less important than the will to use them. In some cases, it may be a dear neighbor at the end of a barrel. How many would be willing to pull the trigger, on either side?

The actual opportunities for engagement with weapons may be rare, and small in scope. The Left doesn't have to use guns; they have found alternatives to open attack, for the most part. They use:

- paid provocateurs - you only need a few, seeded into crowds of the dim, who will go along with the leaders' suggestions. I remember reading The Ugly American, years ago, and one section outlined the process for getting groups of vaguely dissatisfied people to learn to follow a leader, eventually, engaging in mob action. I put in an order on Amazon for a paperback copy, and will be posting on it toward the end of the month.
- sabotage - easy (multiple instruction manuals and videos), cheap (compared to stockpiling weapons), and only needs a few people to execute.
- showy bomb attacks, like the Boston Marathon or Atlanta Olympics
- protests designed to get media attention (particularly the Leftist media that will edit the action to promote the idea that the police are EVIL, the protestors are INNOCENT, and the cause is JUST)
- de-fanging the armed majority by co-opting their children; if they can capture even a minority, they can keep guns from being used. Few people could bring themselves to fire upon a minor. And, the Leftists will be sure to put the truly innocent, but gullible, in front.

Pascal said...

As the voters became aware of what you laid out in this old piece "Givings And Takings Part 3: Capitalist Guilt" and elected a man who began to take that threat seriously, they are resorting to what you laid out.

IMHO, Linda has listed only a part of what they're apt. They're taking off their gloves.

AuricTech Shipyards said...

"The rhetoricians of violence, intimidation, and harassment may be stupid...."

What they lack is not intelligence. What they do lack is wisdom and foresight. They believe that they can sow the wind and control the whirlwind.

They should ask Leon Trotsky how well that turns out.

Unknown said...

The only chance is to cut off the head of the snake in one fell swoop.

Take out their entire upper/mid level infrastructures/leaders/funds as recently enacted EO's make it legal.

There is no other way with so many players.

Roger said...

To this old coot Jefferson's 'tree of liberty' fell on our watch with the Republican's NDAA. It gutted our Bill of Right. Not one shot was fired. That was 7-1/2 years ago. Shame on us. That said....

Let's face facts. Liberty's enemies are city-dwellers. Their passion won't turn on their lights, get their water and toilets working or feed them.

After 3 Weeks of Grid Down and No Food the demographics are going to change drastically.