Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Yet Another Thing I Hadn't Thought Of

In the last budget reconciliation, Trump tossed The Wall for the money to build up the military - which, given China's periodic moves, and the hordes heading for the Mexican-US border, probably was a shrewd deal. At least, that's what The American Spectator is arguing.

In the best of scenarios, American Forces may have to fire upon the invaders. And, given the Leftist propensity for putting women and children in front of their cowardly hides, it will be a headline-making, endlessly-regurgitated, Democratic/Progressive/Leftist Talking Point for years to come.

I hate to see military doing what our cowardly Congress wouldn't - taking a stand against unregulated immigration.

Blogging may be spotty for the next month - it's National Novel Writing Month again, and I'm set for another run at it. I have several books in progress, and I'm going to just start with one, and keep writing until the month is over. With luck, I'll finish more than one.


Kye said...

Because of the left, their talking heads and media propagandists there is no way our military will be ordered to use lethal force against the invading horde. Mostly because as you said, just as they arrive at our border suddenly 2500 women holding children will materialize in the front row thereby negating anything more than hoses, if that. Personally, I would warn them that we will use non lethal weapons such as bean bag rounds, rubber bullets, water cannon and high decibel sound waves. If they choose to expose their women and children to these self defense tactics the results are on them.

Linda Fox said...

There is also the tactic of separating the crowd by having several levels of barrier to make their way through. Once you can separate them, they are easier to handle.

Kye said...

Not a bad idea, Linda. May I submit level 1: Fire, level 2: razor ribbon, level 3, tear gas, level 4 pepper spray, level 5 bean bag shot, level 6 rubber bullets, level 7 a moat with alligators, and my personal favorite level 8: napalm. I saw level 8 work wonders in Vietnam. Trust me when I say none of those commies confronted with napalm got through.