Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Quick Lexical Bitch

     Today promises to be a frazzler, and anyway, all I have at the moment is this:

  • When we speak of whether a thing is legal, we are discussing its legality.
  • When we say that a man is frugal, we are noting his frugality.
  • And when we describe a condition as normal...

     Hint, hint! It’s not “normalcy.”

     (Warren G. Harding was a better president than many suppose, but as a speaker of English...well, he was a much better president.)

     I’ll probably be back later with something more substantial.

1 comment:

Aesop said...

Warren G. Harding, spiritual godfather to Dubbya in so many ways, and their joint tortures of their mother tongue, is a dual biography just waiting to be penned.