Thursday, October 18, 2018

Asylum Under New Management Dept.

     It will probably not be news to the Gentle Readers of Liberty’s Torch that the Left has openly embraced violence. The process is already well advanced, having started before the 2016 presidential election. But I think it deserves a little more explanation than it’s received to date.

     You see, in Twenty-First Century America violence as a political tactic is unlikely to work. I know, I know: What about the Brownshirts and Blackshirts? What about Hugo Chavez’s violent suppression of dissent in Venezuela? Yes, those are cases in which violence worked very well. But note that they took place under circumstances quite different from those that apply in the United States today:

  • A disarmed populace;
  • A regime of censorship and rigid control of the mass media;
  • A regime that supported the violence and refused to act against it.

     The American citizenry is the exact opposite of disarmed. While our mass media are aligned with the Left and unlikely to speak ill of its tactics, the Internet is proving to be a more than adequate counterforce. Finally, the federal government is currently aligned against the violent ones; should the attacks continue, the Trump Administration is likely to act to halt them forcibly and to punish their promoters and organizers. Taken together, these things strongly suggest that the Left’s use of violence will boomerang on it, costing the Democrats heavily in the midterm elections and resulting in large scale opprobrium against those of its luminaries who’ve offered the vandals and thugs aid and comfort.

     However, the Left has exhibited a streak of self-damaging insanity for some time. When a tactic rebounds on them, they do it more and harder. And just now, their overall tactic can be reduced to throwing things:

  • First, they threw allegations of various low motives: racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
  • Then they threw accusations of wrongdoing: collusion with the Russians, teenage sexual hijinks, etc.
  • Now they’re throwing physical items, including rocks, fists, and Molotov cocktails.

     Present trends continuing, we can expect the Left to graduate to throwing people. In that case, watch out for your children, folks. Being smaller and lighter than most adults, they’d be the Left’s projectiles of choice.

     But all levity to the side, this is actually good news for us in the Right. The Leftist loonies are heavily outnumbered by the good folks, and the good folks are, by and large, not being intimidated. Indeed, physical responses to the Left’s attacks have been making the news lately...and the Left has been crying foul through their media mouthpieces. (“They weren’t supposed to fight back!”)

     While the media have been touting a “blue wave,” and progressive icons such as Nancy Pelosi have likened what’s coming to a “tsunami,” the rumbles in the webs (and on the Web) suggest the opposite. At the federal level, the GOP is likely to hold approximately its current majority in the House and gain seats in the Senate. At the state and local levels, I would expect the trend of Republican dominance to continue. And at the purely popular-opinion level, Americans will continue to move Rightward as they watch the Left descend into rubber-room insanity for the Right’s unforgivable crime of ousting them from power. Ever more will #WalkAway from the Hillary Clintons, the Eric Holders, and the other spokesmen for “incivility.”

     Well, that’s enough feel-good chatter for the moment. Now I have to go out to the barn, clean the lawn tractor, and put it in storage for the fall and winter months. Thanks to the generosity of a local vendor I’ve known for more than thirty years, I now have a tractor jack with which to lift the BLEEP!ing thing so I can get far enough under it to do a proper job. Wish me luck.


Linda Fox said...

Even in the 60s, with a naive and starry-eyed population of Baby Boomers, the fall-off of adherents increased, the closer they got to the crazy, violent hard-core bunch.

Today, when evidence of crazy abounds, and cell phones are everywhere, the Left is unlikely to keep it all going, in the absence of government force. I'm hearing less talk about Nazis from the average leaning-Left person, and more willingness to listen to the arguments of the Right.

I agree - this will NOT end well for the Left and their allies.

Kye said...

I really don't see it like you do. There is a "regime of censorship and rigid control of mass media" and it's done by the conspiracy of the media itself. We all know that and even if the left vehemently denies it, they know it too. Right now a major problem exists with "the web" in that the platforms are censoring conservatives, Republicans and anyone not bowing to the left. We all know this too.

As of yet the federal "regime" has not supported violence but many local regimes have such as Portland and the many cities that tolerate masked Antifa marches/riots and cities declaring themselves extra-constitutional entities by being "sanctuary cities". These places are supporting violence and again we all know it.

Although Trump would most likely not support lawlessness I don't believe he would "send in the troops". Firstly, I'm really not sure who "The Troops" are loyal to: the Deep State and the leftist fags now in charge of the military or the Constitutional C in C Donald Trump. Are you sure?

The only thing we as Americans have going for us at this point is the Second Amendment, and if the left gets Congress we can kiss that good-bye.

We have sat and allowed the left to march through the institutions since the sixties. They control what passes for "education", they control the media, entertainment, Hollywood, have infiltrated all branches of the military with PC and LGBT policies and even push their sedition at sporting events and ads like Nike.

As nice as it is to have a Trump in the White House it may just be an aberration. If the democrats win at anything the speed at which they will infiltrate and solidify their positions of permanent power will make the Blitzkrieg look like slow motion.

Bill St. Clair said...

We will not kiss the Second Amendment goodbye. It's convenient, but our right to defend ourselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic, does not rely on words on paper. We might have to USE the Second Amendment, for one of its intended purposes. That would be horrific, and I hope it never happens, but if it does, I'll find something evil to kill, while I am able and it's still necessary.

Glenda T Goode said...

The left was horrified when Trump was elected. How could this presumably inept candidate defeat their carefully packaged heir apparent to Obama: Hillary Clinton???? Worse yet, the right keeps on winning and there is nothing they, the democrats, can do about it.

They protest claiming all manner of transgressions that have either been done or will be done by Trump even though there is no basis for any of their claims. The democratic leadership has ginned up protests on college campuses, the public square and any where the right tries to spread their agenda.

When you cannot persuade people to agree with your agenda with the truth you resort to lies and if that does not work, all that is left is intimidation. They know that they cannot intimidate the red deplorable portion of the nation so they have to actually resort to violence.

The fact is the democrats have nothing to offer that can compete with the agenda of Trump as well as the successes so far. These temper tantrums will escalate.

Our only concern as deplorables is to ensure that the first blow of the fight is from the left and that it is recorded so there can be no denial. The media is aching to blame everything they can on us and we need to be careful not to give them anything they can use as propaganda.

Other than that, it's going to be open season.