Friday, October 26, 2018

True Enough - But What CAN We Do?

The Sultan of Knish has an interesting post about the plans of the Dems after November.

When, and I acknowledge that it's not IF, it's WHEN - the Left loses, and they do go Full Court Press on Supreme Court Attacks - what should be our response?

I tend to favor the sneaky hit, not the straightforward attack. For example, keep them so busy fending off indictments, investigations into their financial arrangement with donors, family connections, and the like, that they have little time to spare going after us.

Arrange with allies to impound Soros' money in their country, pending resolution of various legal issues.

Challenge Dem donors in international venues, in ways that threaten their hegemony in tech industries.

In short, run them ragged fending off threats to their money, freedom, and reputation.

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