Sunday, October 7, 2018

Had enough.

What we have to understand is that decades of secular globalization have actually detraditionalized cultures and societies, replacing traditional ways of life with more globalistic and consumer based lifestyles. So while traditional societies believe that every person born into the world is born into a moral obligation to conform their lives into a harmonious relationship with the divine meaning and purpose inherent in the world around us, globalistic secular societies reduce the human person to a sovereign individual who has no moral obligations apart from that which one chooses for oneself. And so globalistic secular societies tend to be very hostile towards traditions, since traditional conceptions of say religion, gender [sex], and sexuality are now considered unduly oppressive, intolerant, and unjust.

Now the fact is that decades of this secular globalization has reignited and reawakened a hunger and a longing for traditional ways of life and society. It’s not just a matter of Farmers Markets being set up to counter the anti-communal effects of the local mall; globalization provokes similar sentiments that create a groundswell of support for a return to far more traditional and religious ways of life.

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So in many respects, I see [Bible Answer Man] Hank Hanegraaff’s conversion to Orthodoxy as par for the course of the re-traditionalization that’s going on all around us in response to the virulently anti-cultural, anti-traditional dynamics of secular globalization.[1]

I enjoyed listening to Hank as I walked to the subway after work years ago in D.C. He knew his scripture and was particularly focused on getting callers to his program to concern themselves with substantial matters, not whether angels can have sex with mortals.

Sensible Western people today struggle to impart similar wisdom to deranged fellow citizens. Don’t permit open borders. Don’t welcome millions of third-world people who hate you into your country where they will become parasites. Don’t worship minorities who despise you. Stay away from socialists and all statists who promise you free stuff. Don’t try to solve human problems with legislation and regulation. Risk is part of life. No one has a lock on honesty and restraint. Keep taxes down. Don’t have unbalanced budgets. Don’t debase the currency. Strong governments are like a plague of toads. Honor both sexes for their uniqueness and the part they play in the Divine or natural order. Don’t let hysterical women play a part in public life. Honor the letter of the law. Reject all people who say they care for you but ask for political power. Don’t worship homosexuality. There’s something fundamentally sick about the worship of abortion. Personal refinement is a great new hobby for you.

One picture of homosexuals cavorting on the street during “Gay Pride” parades ought to alert any person to the poisonous agenda of that crowd but Westerners seem slow to appreciate threats to them. Maybe the poison of radical individualism – libertarianism on steroids – underlies it all. There seems to be nothing that people will accept by way of outside control, or at least outside control from traditional institutions and ideas.

With luck the author of the piece from which this excerpt is taken is correct, that there is a yearning to return to a more spiritual, traditional way of living instead of our consumerist, warmist, aimless, clueless, state-worshipping ways. Certainly, anyone watching the filthy circus that the Kavanaugh hearing became has to think it was a disgrace and if the temporal powers can’t do better than that perhaps people with a more serious view of the tragic aspects of life might offer some answers.

[1] "Hank Hanegraaff Converts to Eastern Orthodoxy: Here’s Why." By Steve Turley, Katehon, 4/27/17(?).


sykes.1 said...

Ann Barndardt's ongoing reporting of the utterly corrupt Catholic hierarchy will make many traditionalists seek another home, and Eastern Orthodoxy is as good as any.

They should understand, however, that Orthodoxy does not recognize the validity of Catholic sacraments, and converts will have to be re-baptized, re-confirmed, re-wed...

Col. B. Bunny said...

Were I religious I think I'd be more inclined to EO. Signing on to Catholicism seems like something that wouldn't turn out well given the oddity who is running the show. No insult intended to any Catholics. I'm sure that this has not be the first time that the Church as had to deal with wildly inappropriate leaders so to be fair one should not choose lightly.

Still, that's not my interest. I don't blame the EO for demanding a re-do on everything. Episcopalians would only care . . . well, let's leave it where it stands.