Thursday, October 4, 2018

“You Can’t Confirm Him! We’ve Covered Him With Mud!”

     Yes, Gentle Reader, that’s exactly the argument Time has made:

     During passionate and angry testimony on Sept. 27, Kavanaugh shouted, “My family and my name have been permanently and totally destroyed.” His fate isn’t yet assured. But as he limps over the finish line, with the FBI now looking into sexual assault allegations against him before a full Senate vote, the question could soon shift from whether he will be confirmed to what kind of justice he will be.

     Will Kavanaugh, who denies all of the sexual misconduct allegations, dig in on the far right, radicalized by the experience? Will he swing the other way towards the middle, determined to improve his reputation among women? Or will he be able to move past it entirely?...

     Blaming Democrats for his ordeal could be a sign that Kavanaugh would carry that anger to the high court and stay rigidly with the Justices nominated by Republican presidents. “What he said was so explicitly partisan, so permanently political, so grudge-bearing, that I don’t see how somebody puts on a new robe, goes to a new court and forgets about that,” says John Q. Barrett, professor at St. John’s University School of Law....

     For many women throughout the country now facing the specter of a Supreme Court that holds two men accused of sexual misconduct, that might not be enough. “It will raise questions about whether he could ever view any issue that touched on questions of sexual misconduct fairly, given what has happened,” says Melissa Murray, professor at New York University School of Law.

     These are the fruits of the Democrats’ resort to sexual slander as a political tactic. They now know that they cannot further impede a full Senate vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. So they have to employ this scurrilous tactic – using their wholly unsubstantiated allegations of wholly uncharacteristic misbehavior by Kavanaugh more than thirty years ago — to plant fear and doubt in the minds of the less sensible members of the Republican Senatorial caucus. To compound the viciousness, the article cites Anita Hill’s equally unsubstantiated 1991 allegations against Associate Justice Clarence Thomas for emphasis.

     Accusations without specificity, lacking corroboration, and devoid of material evidence are being used to destroy the name of an exemplary jurist and a genuinely good man. Could it be worse than that? Why yes, it could – and it is: All three accusers have been revealed as liars. One is almost certainly psychotic. No one could possibly go lower than that.

     The Democrats who have participated in this villainy are dishonorable in the extreme. They deserve to be run out of the country. They certainly don’t belong in high offices. Yet it’s near to certain that they’ll retain their seats in the United States Senate for years to come. There’s a moral in there, somewhere.

     Forgive me, Gentle Reader. I had to vent the above before it blew out my eardrums. Federal politics in this country has become such a disgrace that virtually no one can even stand to read the news. Ironically, that will probably save the seats of several Democrat legislators who should be behind bars rather than on Capitol Hill: not enough of their constituents are following this exercise in venality and cruelty.

     What matters isn’t that Time is an important organ of information or opinion; it isn’t and never has been. (Fifty years ago a teacher of mine called Time “the magazine for people who can’t think.” He was right.) Neither is it that the Democrats’ smear tactics have wasted so much of the Senate’s time and energy; at most they’ve added about three weeks to a Senatorial session that wasn’t doing much anyway. What matters is the complete abandonment of any standard of honesty, when honesty threatens the political agenda of the Left. All that matters to them is regaining power, and no principle of right or justice will be allowed to stand in their way.

     The Left has declared war on the ideological foundations of the United States. The Democrats, its political arm, have enlisted in the campaign. As usual, the Republicans seem disinclined to take up their own weapons and fight back. When only one side is fighting, the outcome of the war is guaranteed.

     It’s up to us now.


Michael Stone said...

"The Left has declared war on the ideological foundations of the United States."

Yes. They did that many decades ago. It's just more visible now that we have alternative new sources such as yourself.

This pleases me.

Kye said...

Democrats have been at war with the United States for decades. At least now we have a leader who fights back and there seems to be a deep rumbling of revolt in the masses.

Dystopic said...

The catch-22 Kafka trap here is amazing to witness.

If you're accused, say Leftists, you must step down because possibility exists you're a rapist. Prove a negative or step down, they say.

If you defend yourself and attempt to plea/prove your innocence, and do so passionately, you don't have the temperament to serve, thus step down.

I presume if you don't defend yourself passionately, they would say you don't believe in your innocence, thus step down.

If you manage to survive all that, then they say 'because you were accused, you couldn't possibly be free of bias in the future.' Thus, step down.

I'm exhausted of Kafka traps from the Left. Alexander's solution with the Gordian knot is apropos here. Just cut the damned thing in half. Trump certainly does that sort of thing well enough.