Friday, October 19, 2018

Quickies: Bad Comparisons Dept.

     Just a few minutes ago, someone posted this on Gab.Ai:

     When a police officer points a gun at you and tells you not to reach in your pocket or he will shoot you, and you reach in your pocket anyway, what happens? Chances are you die. You were warned by someone with authority to end your life. The case with the Honduran insurgence is no different. You tell them they are approaching a sovereign country. If they attempt to enter illegally, they will be shot. The message couldn't be any clearer. Democrats can spin it any way they choose. Democrats like to call it collateral damage when they ruin the life of a judge. Well guess what assholes?

     This is a very bad comparison. Someone attempting to enter the country illegally is committing invasion under international law, and is breaking American law prima facie. The use of force to repel or prevent his invasion is recognized as legitimate by all but a few SJW idiots. Indeed, it’s not a law enforcement issue but one of national defense and national security. But there are many instances in which a cop might pull a gun on a passing citizen without justification, and therefore without “authority” as any reasonable person would understand it. Were he to pull the trigger, regardless of his rationale, he’d be likely to get away with it – but not because he possesses “authority to end your life.”

     Americans legally within the borders of the United States possess a right to life that the police cannot arbitrarily override. That’s not the case for persons attempting to invade our country against our laws and the laws of civilized nations generally.

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Paul Bonneau said...

The issue is not a legal one, but a "public relations" one. The cameras will be running. They will find a few women with babies who were shot, even though there are none of those in the crowd. Talk about legal justifications all you want, this will not go over well.

It's not like the US government has no manpower to handle this reasonably. No need to shoot anybody. Physically push the invaders into big trucks and process them en masse, or simply throw them back over the fence (assuming there is one). Nobody except the SJWs will make a fuss in that case.