Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Common sense on the circus d/b/a the United States Senate.

The usual Denninger understatement regarding the problem of Senate proceedings that make the Indispensable Nation the laughing stock of the world:
Going forward, however, let's put a stop to this crap. The Senate can change its rules on its own without any consent from anyone else, and I suspect the Judiciary Committee (which hears these nominees) can as well. There is nothing the Democrats can do to stop such a rules change, and it ought to be implemented immediately.

It's simply this: No allegation of past conduct for any person subject to a confirmation hearing will be heard or accepted unless it is filed with both the majority and minority Judiciary Committee members 10 days prior to the commencement of public hearings. The sole exception will be for conduct that is alleged to have occurred after the nomination was announced.

That's the end of this circus bullcrap.

If you withhold information as a member on either side of the aisle, it's inadmissible.

If you wish to perform a late hit sort of political maneuver, ala Thomas or Kavanaugh, it's inadmissible.[1]

Not to mention Herman Cain and Roy Moore. All showing that the left has “elevated” character assassination to the pinnacle of American political life. Yes, it has. The left in Congress being what we refer to as the "loyal opposition." Principled, honorable souls, every one.

When leftists are out for blood no accuser is too flaky or too incredible and no story covered with too many layers of cobwebs for it to be thrown at the front door of the candidate for office. You can follow the stink all the way back to the DNC. But, if its Bill Clinton, women with credible accusations of his having exposed himself to them or raped them are ignored by the media and leftist politicians and, in one instance, had it suggested that they are venal trash. James Carville can get away with sliming women but if any Republican were to suggest that Ford's story is thin gruel or, more accurately, manufactured a tidal wave of leftist female hysteria would wash over the top of the Washington Monument. (Did I mention that Washington was a slave owner?)

And what you will never see is an exploration of the finances of these grasping, destructive accusers. As Denninger points out in his next post Julie Swetnick is not only a person of low character, to say the least, but has had two substantial tax liens paid off by unknown persons. Not that this fact will be brought out in any way in what remains of the time until there’s a vote on Kavanaugh by the full Senate.

Nor, let it be said, will there be any kind of a summation in any debate before that vote of all the inconsistencies and absurdities of all the accusers. A case needs to be made by the Republicans that Kavanaugh has been subject to a high-tech ambush, that Feinstein and all the Democrats deliberately concealed the existence of Ms. Ford’s letter until the last moment making a circus of the proceedings, and that the evidence of each accuser, considered as a whole, is a joke. Ford’s pussy hat activities, her political connections, her scrubbed social media pages, and her finances need to be made a part of the record of this disgraceful exercise in constitutional government. Each accuser needs to be asked under oath (1) what overtures were made to them by politicians, lawyers, investigators, or journalists prior to their taking any action to publicize their grievances, (2) what were the substance of those overtures, and (3) what payments have been made or promised to them.

If the “take no prisoners” prosecutor who examined Ford made any inquirites along these lines, I am not aware of it. I simply did not have the stomach to watch the proceedings.

[1] "The Answer To Kavanaugh-Style Smears." By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker, 10/1/18.

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