Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Where Do We Go From Here?

He said.

She said.

No resolution, except in the minds of those who crave easy answers.

More than one pundit has suggester parallels with the Salem Witch Trials.

Are we in danger of entering a New Puritan Era? It's not as crazy as you might think - Andrea Dworkin's work was strongly anti-sex.

Cartoonists and Progressives seem to be competing to generate the lowest, most vile slogans/cartoons/comments. Apparently, this was triggered by the Kavanaugh daughter who said that she would pray for Daddy's accuser. Naturally, the 'wit' decided to turn that into a cartoon that targeted Kavanaugh through his daughter.

I found this post late in the afternoon - the explanation makes as much sense as anything else I've seen - more, in fact.


I was watching this video about body language from Gateway Pundit, and I had one of those Sudden Insights:
This accusation is being assessed very differently by the Kavanaugh side and the Ford side (including the other accusers).
The Kavanaugh side is using logic, breaking down each lie, evasion, gap, or contradiction. Collectively, it forms a case for Kavanaugh, based on available knowledge of the facts.
The Ford side is using emotion, looking at Ford's and Kavanaugh's testimony holistically, and ignoring the specifics.
Essentially, it's a Male Thinking vs. Female Thinking situation. My daughter and I were talking about this yesterday - she had been in a meeting with a colleague, and attempted to refute that person's complaint with a logical response.

I pointed out to her that she needed to speak with that person the next day, focusing on FEELING words (I understand how you feel, it doesn't seem as though your work or circumstances are valued, etc.). In other words, I told her - talk like a woman, not a man.

She is not, and never has been, a man. But, like me, she has worked in environments that were more male - sometimes considerably - than female. She is a teacher, but a science teacher. She served in the military. That makes a difference, and it is in her ability to "speak bilingually" - both male and female styles.

Most elementary/middle school teachers function in the female mode, whether or not they have that body type. They are focused on feeling, emotion, and connections that bypass the logical thinking process. When confronted with a situation like the Ford/Kavanaugh testimony, they revert to their preferred mode of emotional empathy.

Translation? Don't expect the investigation to change anything, whether or not Ford's story is completely exposed, or not. It will not matter to those women (and, emotional men). What counts is how they FEEL about Ford.

For these women, what counts is that they can identify a time in their life, when something similar to what she describes happened to them. They say, "I was telling the truth, therefore SHE is telling the truth."

Not logical, but - that's the point.

When arguing before juries, a lawyer has to make an EMOTIONAL connection, not a logical case.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

I keep hearing this is a He said/She said.

She has no one standing with her.
Her friends have abandoned her.
His friends stand up for him.
It's She said/They said.