Thursday, December 27, 2018

Back From Tech Siberia

I've been visiting family, and too busy for getting online, except for brief periods. Mostly, I've used my phone to check mail, messages, etc. The place we stayed for most of the holiday is one in which the homeowner still uses dial-up.

AOL, I think.

Most of my news came filtered through the standard media - for 3 days, HARD COPY.

I know. How retro.

Big changes at my house. My husband is changing his job (going to work in SC). By doing so, he will secure his retirement, and vest it, within a month or so.

We're looking at getting our house ready, over the next year or two, to be put on the market. He wants to move back to the general Cleveland area.

And, I did, after all, read from the Book of Ruth at our wedding - "whither thous goest," and all that. Who knew it would take me to over 25 moves in my married life?

I have a lot of practice in making new friends. He was the one who had the easy "work friends". I was the one who had to accommodate to new neighborhoods, helping my kids adjust to being the "new kid" again, and unpacking - a LOT of unpacking. Sometimes, I would not get to the stuff I would stash in an attic, basement, or garage, before it was time to pack up again.

At one point, I fell into a deep depression. I found myself unable to even care about the process one more time. Fortunately, a very sweet lady took me under her wing, and got me back on my feet and functioning again. God love people like that - just pure Christian Love.

In some ways, it will be a good move - towards family, not away. It's just the two of us, and most of my work is portable. It will likely be a harder adjustment for him, if he follows through with his plan to retire.

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