Saturday, December 22, 2018

This is ONE Way to Look at the Hardships of Winter

I lived in a Northern climate most of my life. Only after 2005 did I experience the difference that a Southern latitude makes in your life.

First, it's warmer. Duh. Well, that has to be said, as the warm is QUITE warm in the summer - as in, I'm not stirring from my house for days because it's too hot and muggy, and my energy just leaks out when I put a foot outside, even in the evening.

Storms are a MAJOR concern - not just because you might get some damage to your house or car. It's worse - MUCH worse.

The electricity (and the AC that accompanies it) might go down. OMZ!!!!!!!!

Second, you get used to the relatively mild climate. You begin to expect to be able to go outside any time of day in a light t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. So, actual winter weather comes as a really unpleasant surprise.

When I taught high school, I used to delight in pointing out, to the kids coming in complaining that "It's FREEZING!", that, no, until the temperature is 32 F, it is technically NOT freezing. Sometimes, I don't know how they managed not to gang up on me and beat me into a puddle of smirk.

But, they were really well-brought up kids, so they didn't. At least, not outside their dreams.

I did bring a class to a standstill of awe the day I pointed out that I had walked to school when it was -18 F. They REALLY were impressed when I pointed out that this was 50 degrees below the freezing point. Our parents didn't pamper us - we were bundled up, shoved out the door, and told to walk as fast as we could.

We did. Probably accounts for the fall of world records in running during that time period.

Well, maybe not.

This all came to mind today, as I've been complaining about the cold and wet all of the trip to Cleveland. (Aren't you glad you didn't have to be stuck in the car with me?)

Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise has some thoughts on why we should be grateful that mankind endured far worse than their pampered descendants do today. It may be a major factor in the rise of Western Civilization.

BTW, Merry Christmas 3 days early.

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Dystopic said...

After living in Florida for nearly 20 years... I could never go back to the cold. I love the South. I don't know how Francis tolerates the cold so well.